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Officers of the Society

President David P. Adams
President Elect Bridget Rogers
Immediate Past-President Michael D. Williams
Clerk/Secretary David Surman
Treasurer Gregory J. Exarhos


Director 2023 - 2024 Ashleigh E. Baber
Director 2023 - 2024 Erica A. Douglas
Director 2024 - 2025 Robert K. Grubbs
Director 2024 - 2025 Caitlin Howell
Director 2023 - 2024 R. Mohan Sankaran
Director 2024 - 2025 Virginia "Ginger" Wheeler

Awards Committee

Trustee 2024 - 2026 Kateryna Artyushkova
Trustee 2023 - 2025 Donna Chen
Trustee 2022 - 2024         Sidney Cohen
Trustee 2022 - 2024 Alberto Herrera-Gomez
Trustee 2023 - 2025 Sean L. Jones
Trustee 2024 - 2026 Rachael Myers-Ward

AVS National Office Staff

125 Maiden Lane, 15B
15th Floor
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-248-0200
Fax: 212-248-0245

The AVS National Office (NY) relocated in September 1993, from rented space in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) building on East 45th Street in New York, New York to leased space on the 32nd floor of 120 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. In 2007, AVS purchased space on the 15th floor of 125 Maiden Lane, just a couple of blocks from the Wall Street location. The AVS office moved into this space in July 2008. This office serves as the Society Headquarters and there are 7 full-time staff members at this location. There is a variety of services performed from this location, such as membership management, financial operations (accounts payable/receivable), and website management.

Chief Operating Officer Yvonne Towse
Exhibition & Sales Manager Jeannette DeGennaro
Financial Administrator Peter Burke
IT Systems/Web Administrator Keith Mitchell
Member Services Administrator Angela Klink
Web Content Coordinator Teddy Bhabikhan
Office Services Coordinator Ricky Baldeo

AVS West Office Staff

110 Yellowstone Drive, Suite 120
Chico, CA 95973
Tel: 530-896-0477
Fax: 530-896-0487

The West Coast Office is located in Chico, California (CA). It was developed in 1999 for the purpose of developing the AVS Newsletter, short course brochures, managing the annual AVS ICMI (Spring) Conference (which began in 1999), and handling all Society publicity and marketing activities, which were responsibilities previously handled by a vendor. In addition, all event planning functions are now performed at this location.
Marketing Communications & Events Manager Della Miller                                      
Marketing Communications & Events Coordinator Heather Korff
Office/Events Coordinator Kate Evans

AVS Publications Office Staff

51 Kilmayne Drive, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27511
Phone: 919-361-2787

The Publications Office is located in Cary, North Carolina (NC). The office handles the manuscript submission and refereeing process for our journals, the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A & B (JVST), Surface Science Spectra (SSS), Biointerphases, and AVS Quantum Science. There are currently 6 staff members at this location.
Managing Editor Rachel Bayne    
Editorial Assistant Amanda Hall
Editorial Coordinator Lindsey Lucas
BiP Editorial Assistant Jennifer Schreiner
Editorial Assistant Tonya Yandle

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Standing Committees

Awards (AW) -- Sidney Cohen sidney_cohen @  avs.org
Chapters, Divisions, and Groups (C,D,G) (includes Student Chapters)  
Chapters (Co-Chairs) 
-- Kateryna Artyushkova
-- Katherine Burzynski

kateryna_artyushkova @ avs.org
katherine_burzynski @ avs.org
Divisions & Groups (Co-Chairs)
Ashleigh Baber
-- Petra Reinke

ashleigh_baber @ avs.org
petra_reinke @ avs.org
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) -- Erica A. Douglas erica_douglas @ avs.org
DEI (Vice-Chair) -- Rachael Farber rachael_farber @ avs.org
Education (ED) -- Timothy A. Gessert tim_gessert  @  avs.org
♦Educational Materials and Outreach -- Svitlana Pylypenko svitlana_pylypenko  @  avs.org
♦Short Courses -- Dave Adams david_adams  @  avs.org
♦History -- Neil Peacock neil_peacock  @  avs.org
Finance (FI) -- Gregory J. Exarhos greg_exarhos  @  avs.org
♦Audit -- Gregory J. Exarhos greg_exarhos  @  avs.org
♦Investment Advisory -- Dave Surman dave_surman  @  avs.org
♦Compensation -- Dave Adams david_adams  @  avs.org
Governance (GV) -- Rachael Myers-Ward rachael_myers-ward  @  avs.org
♦Constitution and By-laws -- Rachael Myers-Ward rachael_myers-ward  @  avs.org
♦Constitution and By-laws (Co-Chair) -- Michael D. Williams michael_williams @ avs.org
♦Outreach/Governance/Public -- John Lannon john_lannon @ avs.org
♦International Interactions -- Lisa Porter lisa_porter  @  avs.org
♦Strategic Planning -- John Lannon john_lannon @ avs.org
♦Committee on Committees -- Michael D. Williams michael_williams  @  avs.org
Marketing and Communications (MC) -- Staff Function
♦Buyer's Guide
Membership (MM) -- Robert Grubbs robert_grubbs @ avs.org
MM (Co-Chair) -- Susan Burkett susan_burkett @ avs.org
♦Professional Leadership -- Jessica Hilton jessica_hilton @ avs.org
♦Recognition for Excellence in Mentorship -- Susan Burkett susan_burkett @ avs.org
♦Industrial Engagement -- Vincent Smentkowski  vin_smentkowski @ avs.org
♦Early Career Professionals -- Christopher Brewer christopher_brewer @ avs.org
Publications (PB) -- Chip Eddy chip_eddy @ avs.org
Recommended Practices (RP) -- Jacob Ricker jacob_ricker @ avs.org
Symposia & Conferences (S&C) -- Eric Joseph eric_joseph @ avs.org
S&C (Co-Chair) -- Mohan Sankaran mohan_sankaran @ avs.org
♦Symposium Program --  Mark Engelhard (2024 Chair) mark_engelhard @ avs.org
-- Stephanie Law (2024 Vice-Chair/2025 Chair) stephanie_law @ avs.org
-- Mark Losego (2025 Vice-Chair/2026 Chair) mark_losego @ avs.org
♦Exhibitors and Manufacturers (E&M) -- Staff Function  
♦Future Sites Team -- Staff Function  
♦Topical Conferences -- Eric Joseph eric_joseph @ avs.org
             ♦ ALD/ALE 2024
                -- Mikko Ritala/Markku Leskela (ALD Co-Chairs)
                -- Fred Roozeboom/Dmitry Suyatin (ALE Co-Chairs)

mikko_ritala @ avs.org
markku_leskela @ avs.org
fred_roozeboom @ avs.org
dmitry_suyatin @ avs.org
             ♦ PacSurf 2024 -- David Castner, General Chair/ Greg Herman, Program Chair david_castner @ avs.org
greg_herman @ avs.org
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Division Chairs

Advanced Surface Engineering Division -- Ivan Petrov ivan_petrov @ avs.org
Applied Surface Science Division -- Jordan Lerach jordan_lerach @ avs.org
Biomaterial Interfaces Division -- Sapun Parekh sapun_parekh @ avs.org
Electronic Materials and Photonics Division -- Stephen McDonnell stephen_mcdonnell @ avs.org
Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division -- Valeria Lauter valeria_lauter @avs.org
Nanoscale Science and Technology Division -- Nikolai N. Klimov nikolai_klimov @ avs.org
Plasma Science and Technology Division -- Michael J. Gordon michael_gordon @ avs.org
Surface Science Division -- Irene Groot irene_groot @ avs.org
Thin Film Division -- April Jewell april_jewell @ avs.org
Vacuum Technology Division -- Sol Omolayo sol_omolayo @ avs.org

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Group Chairs

2D Materials Technical Group -- Jyoti Katoch jyoti_katoch @ avs.org
Manufacturing Science and Technology Group -- Tina Kaarsberg tina_kaarsberg @ avs.org
MEMS and NEMS Technical Group -- Robert Davis robert_davis @ avs.org
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Technical Group -- Alyssa Mock alyssa_mock @ avs.org

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Chapter Chairs

Florida Chapter (3/31/24) -- Brent Gila brent_gila @ avs.org
Great Plains Tornado Alley (12/31/24) -- Rachael Farber rachael_farber @ avs.org
Hudson Mohawk Chapter (12/31/24) -- Marco Hopstaken marco_hopstaken @ avs.org
Michigan Chapter (12/31/24) -- Gozde Tutuncuoglu gozde_tutuncuoglu @ avs.org
Mid-Atlantic States Chapter (12/31/24) -- Deep Jariwala deep_jariwala @ avs.org
Minnesota Chapter (12/31/24) -- Ali Rafati ali_rafati @ avs.org
New England Chapter (12/31/24) -- Necmi Biyikli necmi_biyikli @ avs.org
New Mexico Chapter (12/31/24) -- Matthew Jordan matt_jordan @ avs.org 
Northern California Chapter (12/31/24) -- Michael Oye michael_oye @ avs.org
Ohio Chapter (12/31/24) -- Joseph P. Corbett joseph_corbett @ avs.org
Pacific Northwest Chapter (12/31/24) -- Vijay Murugesan vijay_murugesan @ avs.org
Prairie Chapter (12/31/24) -- Jessica McChesney jessica_mcchesney @ avs.org
Rocky Mountain Chapter (12/31/24) -- Cristian Ciobanu cristian_ciobanu @ avs.org
Southern California Chapter (12/31/24) -- Anna Corinne D'Ambrosio corinne_dambrosio @ avs.org
Tennessee Valley Chapter (12/31/24) -- Petro Maksymovych petro_maksymovych @ avs.org
Texas Chapter (12/31/24) -- Manuel Quevedo manuel_quevedo @ avs.org
Western Pennsylvania Chapter (12/31/24) -- Evan Sawyer evan_sawyer @ avs.org

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International Chapter

Taiwan AVS -- Jyh-Wei Lee                 jyh-wei_lee @ avs.org
St. Lawrence AVS -- Ludvik Martinu ludvik_martinu @ avs.org

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International Affiliate

Israel Vacuum Society -- Sidney Cohen sidney_cohen @ avs.org
Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science -- Yasunori Tanimoto yasunori_tanimoto @ avs.org
Korean Vacuum Society -- Hyo-Chang Lee hyo-chang_lee @ avs.org
Mexican Society for Science and Technology of Surfaces and Materials -- Emmanuel Haro Poniatowski emmanuel_poniatowski @ avs.org
Polish Vacuum Society -- Leszek Markowski leszek_markowski @ avs.org
Sociedade Brasileira de Vácuo - Pedro A Nascente pedro_nascente @ avs.org
Sociedad Cubana de Física (Cuban Physical Society) -- María Sánchez Colina maria_sanchez-colina @ avs.org
Vacuum Society of Australia -- Anton Stampfl anton_stampfl @ avs.org
Vacuum Society of the Philippines -- Magdaleno R. Vasquez Jr.  magdaleno_vasquez @ avs.org

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Student University Chapter Chairs

College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering -- Anthony Valenti anthony_valenti @ avs.org
Colorado School of Mines -- Elliot Brim elliot_brim @ avs.org
Northwestern University -- Alessandro Pereyra alessandro_pereyra @ avs.org
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa -- Sneha Kothapally sneha_kothapally @ avs.org
University of Central Florida -- S. Novia Berriel novia_berriel @ avs.org
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -- Abigail Berg abigail_berg @ avs.org

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IUVSTA Appointees

Councilor -- Gregory J. Exarhos greg_exarhos @ avs.org             
Alternate Councilor -- Ivan G. Petrov ivan_petrov @ avs.org 
ASED Representative -- Christopher Muratore christopher_muratore @ avs.org
ASSD Representative -- John T. Grant john_grant @ avs.org
BID Representative -- Sally M. McArthur sally_mcarthur @ avs.org
EMPD Representative -- Lisa M. Porter lisa_porter @ avs.org
NSTD Representative -- Qing Tu qing_tu @ avs.org
PSTD Representative -- Hiroyuki Miyazoe hiroyuki_miyazoe @ avs.org
SSD Representative -- Petra Reinke petra_reinke @avs.org
TFD Representative -- Siamak Nejati siamak_nejati @ avs.org
VTD Representative -- Jay Hendricks jay_hendricks @ avs.org

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Journal Editors

AVS & JVST Editor-in-Chief -- Eray Aydil eray_aydil @ avs.org
Biointerphases Editor-in-Chief -- Tobias Weidner tobias_weidner @ avs.org
Biointerphases Associate Editor -- Joe Baio joe_baio @ avs.org
Biointerphases Associate Editor -- Fang Cheng fang_cheng @ avs.org
Biointerphases Associate Editor -- Caitlin Howell caitlin_howell @ avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- Jinn P. Chu  jinn_chu @ avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- Erwin Kessels erwin_kessels @ avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- Stephanie Law stephanie_law @avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- R. Mohan Sankaran mohan_sankaran @ avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- Amy V. Walker amy_walker @ avs.org
JVST Associate Editor -- Joshua M.O. Zide joshua_zide @avs.org
SSS Editor-in-Chief -- Richard T. Haasch richard_haasch @ avs.org
SSS Associate Editor -- Daniel J. Graham dan_graham @ avs.org
SSS Associate Editor -- Nikolas Podraza nikolas_podraza @ avs.org
SSS Associate Editor -- Alex Shard alex_shard @ avs.org
AQS Editor-in-Chief -- Philippe Bouyer philippe_bouyer @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Vanderlei S. Bagnato vanderlei_bagnato @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Xuzong Chen xuzong_chen @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Andrew Forbes andrew_forbes @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Ivette Fuentes ivette_fuentes @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Pieter Kok pieter_kok @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Leong-Chuan Kwek leong-chuan_kwek @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Isabelle Robert-Philip isabelle_robert-philip @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop halina_rubinsztein-dunlop @ avs.org
AQS Associate Editor -- Andre Schleife andre_schleife @ avs.org

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AVS Designated Director on the AIP Board of Directors

Susan Burkett Term to Spring 2025 susan_burkett @ avs.org

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AVS Member Representative to AIP

Alison A. Baski                             alison_baski @ avs.org

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AIP Special Committees (External)

Liaison Committee on Under-Represented Minorities -  Erica A. Douglas - '24 erica_douglas @ avs.org
Liaison Committee on Physics Education - Tom Christensen - '25 tom_christensen @ avs.org
Liaison Committee on Public Policy – Daniel Gaspar – ‘24 daniel_gaspar @avs.org
Liaison Committee on History – Neil Peacock – ‘24 neil_peacock @avs.org
Publishing Board of Managers – Eray S. Aydil – ‘25 eray_aydil @ avs.org
Publishing Partnerships Committee – Rachel Bayne, Yvonne Towse – ‘24 rachel @ avs.org
yvonne @ avs.org
State Department Selection Committee - Rudy Ludeke - '24 rudolf_ludeke @ avs.org
Federation Assembly – Yvonne Towse, Amy Walker – ‘24 yvonne @ avs.org
amy_walker @ avs.org
Task Force on Public Policy – Susan B. Sinnott – ‘24 susan_sinnott @ avs.org

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