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Student Activities

Did you know that 25% of AVS membership is comprised of students? You represent the future of AVS and we encourage you to take advantage of the following opportunities and services.

AVS Student Membership Benefits

Student Chapters - Meet future colleagues and employers and form friendships while sharing common interests in a range of science and technology topics during various Student University Chapter activities. More

Student Awards - Apply for both a National and Divisional Level Award. National Student Awards include five top-level awards and multiple Graduate Research Awards. All AVS National Student Awards are presented during the Awards Ceremony at the International Symposium and include travel support as well as a cash award. More

Career Services - Connect with the finest job seekers and companies in physics, engineering, vacuum science, and technology using the AVS Online Career Center which partners with the Physics Today, American Association of Physics Teachers, American Physical Society, and IEEE Computer Society.

Attend our annual Onsite Career Center/Mini Job Fair at the AVS International Symposium and Exhibition and meet with potential employers and gain interviewing skills during the conference. More

Short Courses - Broaden your knowledge and develop new job skills by attending an AVS Short Course. Courses offer basic and advanced training in vacuum, materials, processing, and interfaces. More

AVS Publications and Technical Libraries - Delve into our four journals that cover a variety of materials, processing, and interfaces topics—access is easy using the online AVS Publications Digital Library. More

No time to attend a talk? Discover our newest benefit in the AVS Technical Library, Presentations on Demand featuring recorded talks from AVS Symposia. The Technical Library also provides access to books, monographs, and other scientific resource materials. More

Student Chapters

AVS has several Student University Chapters, each with the goal of generating student interest in a range of science and technology topics of interest to AVS. Student Chapters provide you with the opportunity to network with professors and industrial scientists and engineers, including world leaders; form connections with other undergraduate and graduate students.

Leadership Development - Through the various levels of chapter management, you will have opportunities for continual development and demonstration of leadership capabilities. Gain valuable leadership skills that will assist you throughout your career, as a team member, as a professional, and as a leader in AVS.

Complimentary Membership - If you join AVS as a first time student member you will receive a one-year one time only complimentary AVS membership.  Join an existing Student Chapter

Start-Up Funds - Each new Student Chapter is eligible to receive  up to $1000 in start-up funds.  Matching funds by the university if encouraged.

Membership Rebate Program - Student Chapters receive a $10 rebate to fund activities for each chapter member that is an AVS student member.

Travel Support - Student Chapters may apply for up to $500 per calendar year for travel support to attend the AVS International Symposium. Visit our Meetings and Exhibits for more information.

Benefits of Joining a Professional Society

"As a student member, AVS has given me the opportunity to present my work at the local and national level, meet some great contacts, and develop the skills I need to be successful."
Peter Palomaki, Ph.D. ,
Candidate, Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute