Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

AVS promotes communication, dissemination of knowledge, recommended practices, research, and education in a broad range of technologically relevant topics.

The Society conducts various local and national educational programs for engineers, scientists and technicians and supports numerous outreach activities aimed at teacher enhancement and student science awareness and education.

Through these various outreach programs, AVS is able to share the collective individual expertise of its members with practicing professionals, students, schools, and science teachers.

Professional Outreach Activities

Each year the Professional Leadership Committee hosts several outreach events at the AVS International Symposium and Exhibition. Presentations from some of these events are available below.

Federal Funding & other Professional Development Opportunities
  • Welcome to AVS
  • Diversity: Team Science -Creating Successful Teams
  • How to Communicate & Interact with Your Congressional Delegates
  • NIH Funding for Novel Biomaterials Technologies
  • NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR) and Condensed Matter Physics Program (CMP) Update FY17/FY18
  • Translating Basic and Applied Research into the Market Place
  • AFOSR Basic Research Funding Opportunities
  • NSF Division of Materials Research
  • Understanding NIH
  • Technology and Clean Energy (DOE RDD&D)
  • Nanotechnology & Nanomanufacturing (DoD)
  • Development of lightweight magnesium alloys (DOE)
  • Army Research Office Funding Opportunities
  • Materials Research at NSF
  • Physics-Life Sciences Opportunities (NIH)
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Getting Funded Through DOE's Office of Basic Energy Sciences
  • Interacting with DARPA
  • National Science  Foundation (NSF)
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JVST Writers Workshop Webinar

How to write and prepare scientific articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Why: Science is a long-term activity with long-term benefits, but funding is eroding and its integrity, appreciation and efficacy are being challenged. Stable funding and scientific information exchange are necessary to realize the full potential of R&D that leads to life-changing technological breakthroughs.

Who: You! Every AVS member has a story to tell about the impact of science and engineering activities in their Congressional district.  Every voice matters!

What: A concise message with personal stories on the importance of science funding and education to be shared with your elected public officials. 

When/Where: Any time you can meet with your congresspersons, either in their local office, at a public function or in their Washington, DC office. Make an appointment, build a relationship.

How: Contact your representative or senator, make an appointment, and prepare using the guidelines described below.  Make a difference!

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