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Honorary Membership


Honorary Membership is the highest honor that the AVS bestows upon a Platinum member in good standing.  This is given to recognize extraordinary contributions of service to the AVS on the national and international level, which have had a significant positive impact and have contributed to the long-term success of the Society. The nominee’s service is not simply a recognition of time served, the number of positions held, or recognition of a single accomplishment, but rather for continued efforts over an extended period of time.  It is expected that the nominee will have served the AVS in multiple capacities and will have made contributions by leading initiatives that have had a significant long-lasting impact on AVS operations. The nominee should be easily recognized by the general membership as an impactful leader and a major Society contributor.


This recognition is limited to no more than one Honorary Member per year. Current AVS Officers and Directors and current compensated AVS positions are ineligible for election.  Honorary Member nominations will be accepted via a formal submittal using the AVS online award nominations website or as recommendation from a current AVS Officer or Director submitted through the online awards site. The Immediate Past President will serve as the Chair of the Honorary Member Nominations Committee. This Committee comprised of 2 AVS Officers and/or Directors, the AVS Managing Director and the AVS Award Liaison will be responsible for making a recommendation of 1-2 potential nominees for review and selection by the Officers and Directors. At least a three-fourths majority vote by the Board of Directors is required for election to Honorary Membership.

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Honorary Members

1956 Rudy A. Koehler 1992 Marsbed Hablanian* 2005 Gerald Lucovsky
1963 Benjamin B. Dayton * 1996 Howard Patton 2006 Alvin Czanderna
1967 Daniel Alpert* 1997 William D. Westwood 2007 Paula Grunthaner
1968 Luther E. Preuss* 1997 Paul H. Holloway 2008 Eric Kay
1981 N. Rey Whetten 1998 Collin Alexander* 2009 William D. Sproul
1981 Leonard C. Beavis* 1999 James S. Murday 2009 Rudolf Ludeke
1982 Charles B. Duke * 1999 Donna Bakale-Sherwin 2011 Robert A. Childs
1984 J. Roger Young 2000 Lawrence L. Kazmerski 2012 Cedric Powell
1985 Kai Siegbahn* 2001 Robert Willis 2013 Steve Rossnagel
1986 Manfred S. Kaminsky 2003 Gary E. McGuire 2013 Dave Castner
1988 Jack H. Singleton 2003 H. Fredrick Dylla 2014 John N. Russell, Jr.
1991 John Coburn* 2004 J. William Rogers, Jr. 2016 Dawn Bonnell
1991 J. Lyn Provo* 2004 Arthur O. Fuente, Jr. 2019 Ivan Petrov
        2020 Christopher Richard Brundle