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Albert Nerken Award

This Award will no longer be offered.


2014 - Gary E. McGuire and Olga Shenderova
“For insights into nanodiamond synthesis and development of processing, science, and applications thereof"

2013 - Howard A. Padmore
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“For sustained contributions to the design, development and application of novel synchrotron x-ray instrumentation used to study a range of scientific problems from biology to materials and solid state science"

2012 - Sven Tougaard
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“For the development of advanced methods to characterize thin-film nanostructures by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy"

2011 - John E. Rowe
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“For his fundamental role in the development of electron energy loss spectroscopy, photoemission and synchrotron radiation techniques and their applications to surface and interface studies"

2010 - Fan Ren
“For the development of advanced processing techniques for compound semiconductors"

2009 - Donald R. Baer
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“For seminal contributions towards advancing the application of surface-sensitive techniques to understand environmentally important materials and interfacial processes"

2008 - Seizo Morita
“For the development of room-temperature, non-contact atomic force microscopy technologies and applications”

2007 - Richard J. Colton
"For seminal scientific insights that accelerated the development of vastly improved surface and nanoscale analytical techniques, and of innovative biomolecular sensors”

2006 - Siegfried Hofmann
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"For seminal contributions to the quantitative characterization of thin films and interfaces, particularly planar nanostructures, by sputter depth profiling"

2005 - Christopher R. Brundle
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"For pioneering early development in the field of electron spectroscopy, and sustained applications to surface science and a wide range of industrial materials characterization issues"

2004 - Johan K. Fremerey
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"For development of a practical spinning rotor gauge and contributions to the understanding of gaseous drag"

2003 - Peter B. Barna
"For seminal contributions in the use of in situ electron microscopy for the characterization and understanding of microstructural evolution and texture development during thin film growth"

2002 - David J. Harra
"For the development of sublimation pumps and the solution of technological problems in the design of novel systems for coating semiconductor wafers"

2001 - Cedric Powell
"For the development of improved data, particularly electron inelastic mean free paths, for applications in quantitative Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy"

2000 - John T. Grant
"For pioneering research and development of the technique of Auger Electron Spectroscopy to study surface composition and chemistry"

1999 - Paul H. Holloway
"For seminal contributions to the science and technology of surface reactions, particularly low-temperature and beam-stimulated oxidation, and of ohmic contacts to compound"

1998 - Peter J. Clarke
"For the Albert Nerken Award his many significant contributions to research on molecular beams, Masers, cross-field discharges and plasmas, gas flow in molecular and transition regimes, ion-gettering and hybrid turbomolecular pumps, and ultrahigh vacuum and surface science instrumentation"

1997 - John C. Helmer
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"For his many significant contributions to research on molecular beams, Masers, cross-field discharges and plasmas, gas flow in molecular and transition regimes, ion-gettering and hybrid turbo-molecular pumps, and ultrahigh vacuum and surface science instrumentation"

1996 - William R. Wheeler
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"For a lifetime of seminal vacuum hardware and instrumentation innovations, particularly the enabling invention of the Conflat flange"

1995 - Donald M. Mattox
"For his invention of the ion-plating process and its continued development"

1994 - Hajime Ishimaru
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"For his unique contributions to the development and characterization of aluminum alloys for use in ultra-high vacuum environments"

1993 - John F. O'Hanlon
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"For outstanding contributions to vacuum technology and the education of its practitioners and for significant contributions to a range of semiconductor, display and microcontamination problems"

1992 - Paolo della Porta
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"For his contributions over several decades to the invention and world-wide distribution of a series of getters with extensive applications, ranging from radio tubes to the largest accelerators on earth"

1991 - Harold R. Kaufman
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"For the invention of the electron-bombardment broad-beam ion source, and extending its use in thin film applications"

1990 - J. Peter Hobson
"For contributions to the production and measurement of ultra-high vacuum"

1989 - Martin P. Seah & Charles D. Wagner
"For their contributions to quantification and practical application of surface electron spectroscopies"

1988 - Stanley L. Milora
"For his outstanding achievements in developing and applying unique and creative fueling systems for fusion devices"

1987 - Marsbed Hablanian
"For his many past and present contributions to the science and applications of vacuum technology"

1986 - Donald J. Santeler
"For his significant and long standing contributions to vacuum technology, most notably in the areas of leak detection and pumping"

1985 - John L. Vossen
"For his insightful contributions into the control of thin film deposition/etching processes and his application of these technologies to product development"