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Anna Corinne D'Ambrosio

E-mail: corinne_dambrosio @ avs.org

ANNA CORINNE D'AMBROSIO began working with NPB Technology Group, Inc. in 2020 as a Professional Manufacturers Representative for industry-leading companies such as Leybold Vacuum, Advanced Energy, GNB Corporation, E+R Group, AJA International, and others.  As former General Manager and Director of Strategic Sales for Von Ardenne North America, she is an experienced and dynamic leader with a strategic approach to business and strong track record of success. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and M.B.A. from California State University.
With 15+ years expertise in vacuum technology and thin films, her interests include glass coating, precision optics, PV and related equipment, flexible coatings (web, metal strip, and flex glass), automotive displays and sensors, consumer electronics, high efficiency solar cell manufacturing, next-gen battery technology, aerospace, and the future of clean energy.

Corinne lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband, Jason and son, Rome, along with an ever-changing cast of pit bull type dogs.  She is an active animal advocate, working toward becoming a certified therapy dog team with her current Staffy baby, Lello.