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Joseph P. Corbett

Miami University
E-mail: joseph_corbett @ avs.org

JOSEPH P. CORBETT received his Ph.D. at Ohio University in the Department of Physics, where he was a Condensed Matter and Surface Science fellow studying the growths of intermetallic and nitride thin films by molecular beam epitaxy and characterized the structure and magnetism at the atomic scale using spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy. He then went to Ohio State University as a post-doctoral scholar to serve as an expert on SP-STM, studying topological magnetic skyrmions. Dr. Corbett then joined the Air Force Research Lab as a contracted Researcher Scientist through UES Inc., where he studied thin film growth and electronic structure of topological chalcogenides.

In 2022, Dr. Corbett joined the faculty at Miami University, where he leads a group studying quantum and topological materials. Dr. Corbett has authored 24 papers and received funding through the National Science Foundation for quantum material investigation in superconductor resonator materials.

Outside of the physics lab, Dr. Corbett is also an accomplished portrait artist with a specialty in watercolor.