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Pacific Northwest Chapter

Vijay Murugesan

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
E-mail: vijay_murugesan @

VIJAY MURUGESAN is a materials scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with extensive experience in probing interfacial processes using in situ multimodal spectroscopies based on XPS, XAS, and NMR. With over 20 years of experience, his research has primarily focused on molecular structure-property correlations. He has authored more than 150 articles in peer-reviewed journals, including prestigious publications such as Science, Nature Energy, Energy & Environmental Science, Nano Energy, and Nano Letters. A pivotal contributor to the field, Dr. Murugesan was instrumental in the development of in situ electrochemical XPS. He is at the forefront of utilizing this innovative capability to gain insights into the complex interfacial chemistries observed at the solid-electrolyte interface in next-generation batteries. 

Presently, Dr. Murugesan serves as the Director for Non-Equilibrium Transport driven Separations (NETS), a PNNL initiative under the Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program. This initiative focuses on securing critical materials from domestic resources within the United States. Additionally, he holds the role of interim director for the Northwest Institute for Materials Physics, Chemistry, and Technology (NW IMPACT), a collaborative research institute jointly operated by PNNL and the University of Washington.