Division Chairs

Applied Surface Science

Jordan Lerach

E-mail: jordan_lerach @ avs.org

JORDAN LERACH is currently a Lead Research Chemist who leverages his experience in mass spectrometry and surface analysis for PPG Industries. In his current role with the New Product Development team he helps to ensure the safety and performance of the next generation of coatings. Prior to PPG Industries, Jordan served as Project Lead for the design and implementation of a portable mass spectrometer used for field-based threat detection with Rapiscan Systems. He also played an integral role as an Application Scientist with IONpath in bringing their novel imaging mass spectrometer to market. Jordan has also previously utilized MALDI FT-ICR imaging mass spectrometers for tissue-based pharmaceutical imaging for ImaBiotech, and was also the lead operator for Penn State’s Materials Characterization Laboratory’s commercial SIMS system.

Much like his professional career, Jordan’s academic career was also strongly based in mass spectrometry. He earned his Ph.D. from Penn State University, where he studied SIMS in Dr. Nicholas Winograd’s laboratory. His research focused on fundamental aspects of the SIMS process which were studied using laser post-ionization with a femtosecond IR laser. Prior to Penn State, Jordan earned an M.S. in chemistry from Youngstown State University where he worked with a variety of mass spectrometers and ionization techniques while studying gas-phase reactions of metal β-diketonate complexes.  During his academic career he was encouraged to take apart and repair mass spectrometers and then utilize them for applied studies – which helped to establish his love and respect for this incredible technology.

After joining the AVS in in graduate school, Jordan has remained an active member. In addition to participating in the annual symposia and networking with fellow scientists he has also gone on to hold positions within multiple divisions.  He has previously held roles as an Early Career Member-at-Large for the Applied Surface Science Division and also for the Biomaterials Interfaces Division. He has held the position of secretary and continues to organize the ASSD Student Awards after becoming chair of the subcommittee. Playing an active role in the societies has helped Jordan to further expand his knowledge and passion for the analytical sciences for himself and for the members he continues to interact with.