George T. Hanyo Award


To recognize outstanding performance in technical support of research or development in areas of interest to AVS. The award recognizes valuable contributions made by persons outside normal professional circles. Nominees typically received mention in the "Acknowledgements" sections of published papers, sometimes are listed as co-authors, but rarely are primary authors.


A nominee must have contributed unusual skills and creative scientific or technical ideas in support of at least one major research or development program which influenced areas of interest to AVS. This supporting work must have been provided over a period of at least ten (10) years. Eligible candidates include those working in experimental procedures, data analysis, statistical analysis, IT advances, equipment design and construction, and other comparable activities. Managerial and administrative personnel are not eligible.  In any given year an individual may provide a nominating or supporting letter for only one candidate for each award. The award shall be granted without restrictions except that current members of the Board of Directors and the Awards Committee are not eligible. Further, no member of the Awards Committee may nominate or support any nomination.  The AVS Awards Committee reserves the right to consider a candidate for a different award category.

Nature of the Award

The award consists of a cash award and a plaque setting forth the reasons for the award. Travel expenses of the awardee to the meeting at which the award will be presented shall be reimbursed to a maximum of $500.

Establishment and Support

The award was established in 1996 by the Kurt J. Lesker Company in the memory of George T. Hanyo, a highly skilled, long-time employee of the company.

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2024 - Heinz Schmid
“In recognition of valuable contributions over the past 4 decades in microfluidics, semiconductor epitaxy, field-effect transistors, and nanophotonic devices”

2021 - Bang To
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“For continued support of advanced plasma research by excellence in engineering operations and SEM support”

2020 - Marilyne Sousa
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2017 - Mark C. Reuter

2016 - Stanley B. Christman

2015 - Marc D. Landry

2014 - Ewald E. Chaban

2013 - Steven R. Blankenship
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2012 - Percy Zahl
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2011 - Jonathan Koch
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2010 - Arthur W. Ellis

2006 - Jeffrey D. Kelley

2004 - Richard E. Muller

2003 - Ernest A. Sammann

2001 - John E. Bultman

1999 - Robert A. Childs
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1998 - David A. Lubelski

1997 - Mark H. Englehard