Awardee Interviews | Biography: Bang To

Bang To

Bang To, IBM Research, “For continued support of advanced plasma research by excellence in engineering operations and SEM support”
Bang To started her carrier at IBM as a lab technician after earning her associate degree from SUNY Dutchess Community College in 1990. She worked at IBM East Fishkill (NY, USA) for 5 years and then joined the Microelectronic Research Laboratory (MRL) at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in 1995. As a staff engineer in the MRL, she provides technical support to scientists and engineers working on many state-of-the-art research projects including work on subtractive Cu patterning, Trigate and Nanowire device demonstrations, novel spacer chemistry research, atomic layer etch and quantum computing. Bang specializes in etch tool operations, specifically optical emission spectroscopy as well as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis for process development and statistical process control.

Over the past decades, Bang has played an essential role as a support engineer in the Advanced Plasma Physics and Processes group at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, beginning with significant contributions to sub-micron technology node CMOS etch process development, continuing through Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology and most recently, in the burgeoning field of plasma-enhanced atomic layer etch (PE-ALE) processes. Her experience in plasma etch proved to be very useful in the group, as she was able to identify unusual and unexpected issues or phenomena which were not thought of, while the researchers were able to focus on other experimental design and process analysis work. All the works she supported have been continuously published in JVST and other journals and has been presented consistently at the yearly AVS symposium by her co-workers. The publications are typically well received and have let to many publications and disclosures, including invited talks.

Bang is a co-inventor of 4 US filed patents. She enjoys working side by side with the scientists and engineers in the lab and feels very fortunate to be able to acquire new knowledge from them everyday. During her spare time, she likes to grow plants, cook, travel and practice karate.