The technical structure of AVS is organized as a matrix. Members can participate in one or more Divisions or Technical Groups, each of which is focused around a major topical area. Members may also participate in Chapters and Student Chapters, which are regional organizations that focus on local area needs.

Plasma Science & Technology - Officers/Contacts


Mingmei Wang
email: mingmei_wang @ 

Chair-Elect (2024 Chair)
Michael J. Gordon
email: michael_gordon @ 

Past Chair
Sebastian Engelmann
email: sebastian_engelmann @ 

Angelique Raley
email: angelique_raley @

John C. Arnold
email: john_arnold @

Student Affairs Coordinator
Pingshan Luan
email: pingshan_luan @

Executive Committee

Kenji Ishikawa (2022-2023)
email: kenji_ishikawa @

Emilie Despiau-Pujo (2023-2024)
email: emilie_despiau-pujo @

Yohei Ishii (2023-2024)
email: yohei_ishii @