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Vacuum Technology Division Early Career Award

The VTD Early Career Award strives to recognize outstanding experimental and/or theoretical work related to vacuum science and technology by a scientist or engineer early in their career.  The contributions can be directly in the field of vacuum science such as vacuum metrology and measurement, gas dynamics, or designing vacuum equipment, or to related fields such as gas analysis or surface science for accelerator applications. The nominee does not have to be a current member of the AVS.  To be eligible, the nominee must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following two criteria: The nominee is not older than thirty-eight (38) years of age during of the year in which the award is made; the nominee is within 10 years of their undergraduate degree or 5 years of their graduate degree during the year which the award is made. Final eligibility will be subject to the judgment of the VTD Early-Career sub-committee. The award consists of an $800 cash award and a certificate setting forth the reasons for the award.  The awardee is expected to give an invited talk in one of the VTD sessions at the AVS National Symposium during the year in which the award is given.  To be considered for this award please submit: 1) A nomination letter, not more than 2 pages long, that cites at least one major contribution or significant accomplishment, which should be summarized in three sentences or less and supported by publications, presentations, patents, or other evidence included in the nomination package; 2) A curriculum vitae including a short (one paragraph) biography; 3) at least (1) one letter of recommendation.  A phone or web interview with candidates may also be requested. Self-nominations are acceptable. Application materials or questions should be sent by email to the VTD Student Award Coordinator, Julia Scherschligt ( Deadline: May 13, 2024.

Recent Winners of the VTD Early Career Award