The technical structure of AVS is organized as a matrix. Members can participate in one or more Divisions or Technical Groups, each of which is focused around a major topical area. Members may also participate in Chapters and Student Chapters, which are regional organizations that focus on local area needs.

Hudson Mohawk - Meetings

AVS Hudson Mohawk Chapter - 2021 Fall Meeting, October 6, 2021 | 3:30 – 7:30 PM (EDT)
Location: SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 257 Fuller Road, Albany, New York

AVS HM Chapter - Fall Meeting 2021 

Call for Papers
Abstracts are now being solicited for oral and poster presentations on topics of interest within AVS: surface engineering, thin films, material properties, interface characterization, vacuum techniques, electronic properties, photovoltaics, nanofabrication, energy storage, biophysics and bio-inspired systems, etc.  

As an interdisciplinary professional society, AVS supports networking among academic, industrial, government, and consulting professionals involved in a variety of disciplines related to materials, surfaces, interfaces, and processing.  Participation in the local chapter provides an excellent opportunity to interact in a smaller venue compared to the larger national conferences, affording the participants time to focus on presentations of scientific work that is happening in our immediate geographic proximity, and opportunity for professional networking.

These local chapter meetings are also an ideal setting for students and early career researchers and professionals to present their research. Therefore, student participation is strongly encouraged. Established professionals are also welcome to submit abstracts, which could include recent studies, or provide overviews of topics of general scientific interest to the society and chapter members.  

Registration for the meeting is free. Pizza and refreshments will be provided at about 6:00 pm. At the end of the meeting, awards will be given for the best oral and poster presentation(s).  The award winner(s) will be given a certificate from the AVS and will also be publicized in the AVS Newsletter.  

Please email your name and affiliation to or to submit an abstract and to register:
  • For abstracts, submit by October 1, 2021, using the instructions found below, with the exact subject line in the email, “HMAVS Fall 2021 Abstract”.
  • For registration, send email by October 4, 2021, with your name and affiliation, with the exact subject line in the email, “HMAVS Fall 2021 Registration”.
Please send separate emails for abstract submission and meeting registration. Please forward this announcement to your colleagues!

Marinus (Marco) Hopstaken,
Chair, AVS Hudson Mohawk Chapter

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts:
Abstract submission Deadline: October 1, 2021

 Please include “HMAVS Fall 21 Abstract” in the subject line of your email.

 Abstract format:
  • One page abstract 8.5" x 11", with 1" margins all around, MS Word (12pt Arial, and/or symbols). No pdf files.
  • Center title, authors, and affiliation at the top.
  • Leave one blank line between title and authors, and between authors and affiliations.
  • Print title bold, all uppercase (except chemical symbols).
  • Type the names of the authors (mixed case) and underline presenting author's name.
  • Type author affiliations.
  • Type e-mail address of the presenting author.
  • Leave another blank line.
  • Type abstract text, single-spaced, with one blank line between paragraphs.  Graphs and images can be included, as long as the entire abstract fits on one page.  
Please indicate at the bottom of the abstract if you are a student.

Past award winners can present at the meeting but are not eligible for the awards.  

Oral Presentations