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High-Quality, Televised Science News Videos Covering STEM Research 

What is Inside Science TV (ISTV)?

ISTV is an editorially independent news service produced by the American Institute of Physics and supported by AVS and a coalition of underwriters. ISTV produces short videos about cutting-edge STEM research. The segments are designed to fit seamlessly into local television newscasts in stations across the United States and internationally—currently a potential audience of more than 20 million .more 

ISTV Brings Science Research News To Local Televised Broadcasts

By underwriting ISTV, AVS is supporting the production of high-quality, accurate science news on television and the web—filling the gaps in existing news coverage. ISTV covers topics of interest to viewers of all ages to convey the science behind everyday activities like sports, the latest technology, and even crime-solving! ISTV uses compelling visuals and state-of-the-art animations to connect to viewers, identifies professionals by the kinds of STEM research that they perform, from materials science to physics, so that the public better understands the kind of research and development performed in these fields.

AVS Members: Send ISTV Your Story Ideas for Potential Segments

As an underwriter, AVS would love to provide story ideas to the ISTV editorial team for consideration in their editorial process. If you have an idea for a segment, please send an e-mail that includes the word “PITCH” in the subject line and contains the story idea in the body of the e-mail to the editors at ISTV, Here are the factors that contribute to a successful story suggestion for ISTV:
  • Specific research result (that would work for a 90-second story)
  • Timely (hot issue, evergreen subject, holiday/seasonal link)
  • Visually appealing (interesting setting, compelling images or movies)
  • Interesting and relevant to a wide audience
  • Contiguous US location (for logistical reasons)

Embed ISTV, Use Segments in Your Classroom, Share ISTV on Social Media.

The following are some recent ISTV videos that feature research related to AVS’s fields. Check out the main Inside Science TV website for even more science videos. The Inside Science Facebook andTwitter presence makes it easy to share segments among students, friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.
New_solar-(1).jpgNew Solar Cell Absorbs and Emits Light
Scientists have created a more efficient solar cell
Eli Yablonovitch, University of California, Berkeley

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