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Vacuum System Layout, Design Whys, Use, and Troubleshooting

Vacuum System Layout, Design Whys, Use, and Troubleshooting

Course Objectives

  • Learn what vacuum is and where it is used.
  • Learn why vacuum systems range from ‘simple’ to ‘complicated’.
  • Instruction on good handling practices of components for vacuum service—why are we told to keep ‘them clean’?
  • How do we know our vacuum level?
  • Learn when different types of flanges are likely to be used plus how and why of using them.
  • What are methods/common ‘tools’ to diagnose a vacuum system?
  • Suggestions on where to look first if your vacuum system suddenly ‘isn’t working’ properly.
  • A ‘feel’ or clue for what is involved in modifying or ‘upgrading’ a vacuum system.

Course Description

Are you a new or recent worker in a field that uses vacuum equipment?  Have you ‘inherited’ a vacuum system or the ‘care and feeding’ of one?  Ever wondered why vacuum systems are laid out differently?  Wondered what rough vacuum is vs. high vacuum vs. ultra high vacuum and how you get from one to the other?

Well, then this course is for you!  It is an introduction to the whys, background, and basic operating of vacuum systems.  It is not intended to teach vacuum system design, but rather to explain some of the choices a designer might have made and those implications for today and using the system.

We will review and summarize general ‘good vacuum practices’.  Hints and suggestions will be given on where to look for issues if there’s a sudden change in function and performance.
Examples of hardware like valves, flanges, fittings, and pumps will be on hand to get an ‘inside’ look and instruction.

The course compares calculated results from both hand calculations and commercially available computer software (not included with course material).

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting more insight, understanding, confidence and background in using or operating ‘vacuum equipment’.  This will be a basic introduction and discussion of vacuum systems and their use from a user’s point of view, without large amounts of math or theory. It will be useful to those that have recently started to use or work with vacuum equipment, including recent hires, as operators, technicians, maintenance or service personnel.  It is also beneficial for those considering modifying or upgrading a vacuum system and want to ‘get a feel’ for ease/practicality of upgrades.  

Attendees are welcome to bring questions and pictures of vacuum systems to learn more!


Neil Peacock
Consultant, Pine Place Consulting, LLC