Vacuum System Design

Vacuum System Design

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to select materials and fabricate vessels and components.
  • Learn how to maintain a proper in-chamber environment.
  • Understand the calculations and steps for vacuum pumping system design.
  • Learn about the design and fabrication of vacuum systems.

Course Description

This course deals with the principal aspects of system design, including materials selection, fabrication techniques, pump selection, sizing pumps and vacuum piping to a chamber, determining pumpdown time, leak rate specification, and surface preparation procedures. Methods for determining ultimate pressures are also discussed.

The course demonstrates that establishing the vacuum environment is the primary criterion for designing, constructing, and operating a vacuum system. A wide range of vacuum environments is discussed, from rough to ultrahigh vacuum, with emphasis on achieving a well-defined degree of vacuum.

The course compares calculated results from both hand calculations and commercially available computer software (not included with course material).

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

Those familiar with the fundamentals of vacuum technology who are responsible for vacuum system design or fabrication and control of the in-chamber environment.


Tim Gessert
Managing Member, Gessert Consulting, LLC