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An Introduction to Ion Beam Coating Deposition Techniques

An Introduction to Ion Beam Coating Deposition Techniques

Course Objectives

  • Learn the effects of ion bombardment on substrates and coatings, and the applications of ion beam processes in thin film deposition.
  • Understand plasma generation, and the behavior and operation of ion sources used in coating processes.
  • Become familiar with coating processes including ion beam substrate precleaning, ion beam assisted deposition, and ion beam sputtering deposition.
  • Acquire a working knowledge of contamination control principles relation to use of ion beams in thin films processing.

Course Description

The course presents a broad, non-mathematical introduction to the technology of ion beam processes, and their applications in optics, electronics, communication, data storage, aerospace, protective coatings, biomedical engineering, photovoltaics, and displays. The effects of ion bombardment on surfaces are reviewed, so students can understand how these phenomena are employed in deposition and modification of thin films. Ion sources will be explained and demonstrated, focusing on the widely used Kaufman-type and end-Hall sources. The practical relationships between ion bombardment parameters and thin film microstructure and properties will be emphasized, for processes including ion beam cleaning, ion beam assisted deposition, and ion beam sputter deposition. Guidelines for the optimization of coating yields and performance will be given. Contamination control procedures, both general to deposition and specific to ion beam processing, will be discussed in detail.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

New and experienced coating process and design engineers, deposition technicians, and their managers, as well as technical marketing personnel from suppliers of deposition equipment, ion sources, materials, and coating services. End users of thin film coatings will especially benefit if they want to purchase new deposition equipment and/or bring a coating process "in-house." Suppliers of coatings will learn how to optimize and troubleshoot existing ion beam deposition processes.


Larry Stelmack
Independent Technical Consultant