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Thin Film Division James Harper Award

Thin Film Division's premier, competitive graduate student award is in honor of James M.E. Harper, who was a pioneer in the thin film areas of interconnects and silicides, and was active in the AVS as a Trustee, Director, vice-program chair, Thin Film chair, and many other roles. Finalists for the award will be chosen based on the application packages below.  The finalists will then compete for the final Harper Award by presenting their work in a special session giving interactive “TED-Style" Talks at the AVS symposium, where they will be judged in real time for both content as well as presentation quality and originality. The Harper Award consists of a plaque and cash prize of $800. Other finalists will receive Thin Film Graduate Student Awards of $400. To be eligible for the Harper Award, the student must be the presenter of an oral presentation in the Thin Film Division sessions at the AVS meeting and must be a currently registered graduate student on the date of the abstract submission deadline.  Interested applicants should send 1) their CV; 2) a copy of their submitted AVS abstract; and 3) a letter of recommendation from their research advisor. Application materials should be submitted through the awards submission site. Deadline: Mary 13, 2024.

Awards Application

2023 Harper Award Finalists

  • Jonathan L. Partridge, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Victoria C. Ferrari, University of Maryland
  • Xinyu Luo, Zhejiang University
  • Nikhila C. Paranamana,  University of Missouri

2022 Harper Award Finalists

  • Andrew J. Gayle, University of Michigan
  • Tzu-Ling Liu, Stanford University
  • Kinsey Canova, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Hardik Shantilal Jain, Eindhoven University of Technology