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Plasma Science & Technology Division Plasma Prize

The Plasma Science & Technology Division is pleased to solicit nominations for the Plasma Prize. The Plasma Prize is awarded annually for outstanding scientific and technical contributions to the fields of plasma science and technology that are fostered and encouraged by PSTD. These areas are those represented in the programs of the AVS International Symposia, as well as in topical conferences sponsored by PSTD, and those areas defined in the PSTD's By-laws. The contribution may be in the nature of sustained or single (e.g., outstanding achievement or publication), significant contributions to theory or experiment, discovery, understanding, inventions, measurements, technique development, or management. The nominee must have published work in JVST or presented work in the PSTD sessions of the AVS International Symposia and be a current AVS Platinum member.

Please submit ONLY the following required application materials:
(1) A nominating letter citing the contributions and any involvement in the AVS community by the nominee
(2) A biography and Curriculum Vitae of the nominee.

The nomination should be made by colleagues or others who are well acquainted with the nominee. Application materials will be reviewed and the award winner chosen by the PSTD Fellowship-Awards Committee. The award consists of an honorary lecture at one of the PSTD oral sessions at the International Symposium, a certificate citing the accomplishments of the recipient, and a cash prize. Nominations must be submitted as a single pdf file by email to: Mingmei Wang ( Nomination deadline: May 13, 2024.

Past Winners

2022 - Michael Lieberman
2021 - Lawrence Overzet
2020 - Ellen Fisher
2019 - Jean-Paul Booth 
2018 - Jane Chang
2017 - Meyya Meyyappan
2016 - Satoshi Hamaguchi
2015 - Uwe R. Kortshagen
2014 - Richard van de Sanden
2013 - Peter Ventzek
2012 - David Ruzic
2011 - Richard Gottscho
2010 - Seiji Samukawa
2009 - Eray Aydil
2009 - Francis Chen
2008 - Demetre Economou
2007 - Herbert H. Sawin
2006 - Toshiaki Makabe
2005 - Gottlieb Oehrlein
2004 - Noah Hershkowitz
2003 - Vince Donnelly
2002 - Greg Hebner
2001 - David Graves
2000 - Rod Boswell
1999 - Mark Kushner