Cryopump Technology

Cryopump Technology

Course Objectives

  • Learn the principles of operation and maintenance of cryogenic vacuum pumps.
  • Learn ways to optimize the use of cryopumps for a variety of vacuum processes.
  • Understand the differences in performance of systems using cryopumps and those using diffusion, turbomolecular, or other types of vacuum pumps.

Course Description

Starting with a review of basic vacuum concepts, the operation of cryogenic pumps using closed-loop refrigeration systems will be covered in detail. The operation of helium refrigerator systems and maintenance requirements will be discussed. The creation of vacuum through gas condensation and adsorption on cryogenic surfaces will be explained, especially as it relates to processes such as sputter and evaporative deposition, ion implantation, ultrahigh vacuum research, and other applications. Part of this discussion will focus on gas handling and safety. The need for cryopump regeneration and various methods for accomplishing it are covered. Operation of multiple pumps on networked systems will be a subject of discussion.

In a discussion of applications, methods for selecting appropriate sizes of pumps, calculation of pump down times and base pressure, gas throughput, crossover from rough vacuum, and estimation of time between regenerations will be addressed. Specific applications of attendees will be covered as examples.

Course Materials

Course Notes and a reprint of the chapter "Cryogenic Vacuum Pumps" from the Handbook of Vacuum Science and Technology.

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

This course is intended for process and equipment engineers, system operators, maintenance personnel, and others involved in the design, use, or servicing of cryopumped vacuum systems.


Edwin E. Harrow
President of The Whitehall Learning Group