Reactive Sputtering and Deposition

Reactive Sputtering and Deposition

Course Objectives

  • Understand reactive processes for doping films.
  • Learn about deposition methods and applications.
  • Know the methods for sputtering insulators: AC, RF, Pulsed DC, ion beams, etc.
  • Understand process monitoring and control methods as well as process modeling.

Course Description

This course is intended for those who have taken the basic Sputter Deposition course or who have an equivalent background in sputtering. Familiarity with different sputtering methods (magnetrons, RF, etc.) and the parameters (pressure, energy, etc.) that affect film properties (stress, structure, etc.) is required. The course provides an understanding of the fundamental parameters and effects that are important in particular applications and helps attendees recognize from experimental results those that determine the film properties, whatever the film and the desired properties may be.

Because applications of reactive sputtering have expanded significantly in the last decade for optical coating and optical waveguides, decorative coatings, hard coatings, magnetic films, etc., and because industrial-scale manufacturing has focused on the materials and methods of deposition, this course will cover these topics in detail. This course will also focus on:

  • Gettering effects and hysteresis of pressure, target voltage, deposition rate; the effect of pumping speed.
  • Target processes in sputtering compounds; ejected species.
  • Partially reacted target methods for high rates; avoiding arcing and defects; activation of reactions.

Course Materials

Course Notes and Review Article: Tracing the recorded history of thin-film sputter deposition: From the 1800s to 2017, by Joe Greene

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

Scientists, technicians, and others who have taken the basic Sputter Deposition course or who have an equivalent background in sputtering and are looking for more information on reactive sputtering processes. Familiarity with different sputtering methods and the parameters that affect film properties is required.


Diederik Depla
Professor, Head of Research Group Dedicated Research on Advanced Films and Targets (DRAFT) Ghent University