Ion Implantation Processing

Ion Implantation Processing

Course Objectives

  • Impart a practical working knowledge of the implantation technique with discussion of industry best practices.
  • Understand the main parameters of the implant process and how they affect the performance of devices being fabricated.
  • Learn about process integration issues and interactions of implant with related processes.
  • Become familiar with the various configurations of implanters.
  • Understand the relationship of equipment capabilities to applications.
  • Know the important trends in device fabrication and implant equipment.

Course Description

This introductory two day course covers the basic science and technology of the ion implantation technique and the various systems used in IC wafer fabrication. Following an introduction of the science and technology of ion implantation, the basic characteristics of implanted and redistributed dopant profiles are reviewed. The basic principles of operation of machines in medium current, high current and high-energy configurations are discussed along with their similarities and differences. The techniques for measuring implants and their use for statistical process control in production are presented. The sensitivity of sheet resistance and junction depth to process variations is emphasized.

The process implications and possible complications of each topic are stressed throughout, particularly as they affect the variability of results obtained in production applications. The operation of sub-systems such as ion sources, mass analyzers and end stations are discussed along with issues of proper safety, maintenance, and vacuum practice. Process considerations discussed include dose errors, charge exchange phenomena, contamination, particulates, wafer cooling, photoresist, and wafer charging. The instructor will share his industrial experience from a practical perspective, referring back to the basic doping requirements wherever possible. The course is conducted in seminar style with active participation encouraged throughout.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $1120

Who should attend?

This course is intended for engineers and technicians involved in ion implantation as well as device engineers using implantation processes. Maintenance personnel and supervisors who want to know more about implanters and the impact upon the processes being run in them could also benefit from taking this course. Those who are presently working for equipment suppliers will learn what is happening in this manufacturing process and its interaction with other process steps.


T.C. Smith
Consultant, Ion Implantation Technology