Introduction to Surface Analysis

Introduction to Surface Analysis

Course Objectives

  • Learn about common surface analysis techniques for measuring a wide range of properties of solid surfaces.
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of common surface analysis techniques.

Course Description

This course provides a broad introduction to common surface analysis techniques.  After a brief overview of the unique features of surfaces, we introduce surface analysis techniques used for imaging, structural and chemical determinations, optical characterization, thermal and thermodynamic measurements, electrical and magnetic characterization, and mechanical property determination.  Capabilities and limitations of the techniques will be presented.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

  • Those seeking a broad survey of surface analysis techniques to identify potential methods for characterizing surface properties of a wide range of samples for in-house or outsourced analysis.   
  • Those who conduct surface analysis characterizations or specify measurements to be performed.


Tom Christensen