Industrial Ion Sources

Industrial Ion Sources

Course Objectives

  • Become familiar with the design and operation of industrial ion sources utilized in the thin film technologies.
  • Learn about gridded and gridless Hall-Current ion sources including the basic operating parameters in optimum regimes, some technological processes, most well-known and some hidden problems.
  • Become familiar with some technological processes in which industrial ion sources found application.
  • Learn about varieties of ion sources and how they can be modified for the user’s particular technological process.

Course Description

This one day course will include detailed description of the following topics:

  • Gridded ion sources.
  • Gridless industrial broad beam ion sources and major designs.
  • Main operational parameters and how to control them.
  • Designing ion sources for necessary operational parameters.
  • Neutralization of ion beam and its importance.
  • Cathodes for Ion Sources.
  • Hot Filament.
  • Hollow Cathode.
  • Other methods of ion beam neutralization.
  • Ion source and vacuum chamber, their interactions.
  • Oscillations and instabilities in ion sources. Influence on main operational parameters.
  • Operation of ion sources with reactive gases.
  • Radiation from ion source. Ion Beam and Hot Filament radiation.
  • Measurements of ion beam current and energy.
  • Ion beam quasi-monochromatic energy distribution.
  • Ion sources problems and solutions.
  • Ion assist and its different applications.
  • Ion and Plasma Sources for science and technology.
  • About standardization of ion sources.
  • Perspectives and tendencies in industrial ion sources.

Course Materials

Course Notes

Course Cost: $790

Who should attend?

Scientists and engineers working every day with the industrial ion sources who would like to learn how to improve operation of industrial ion sources and about new developments in this technology.


Viacheslav V. Zhurin
President, Colorado Advanced Technology LLC