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PSTD Student Poster Prize

About the Award
The PSTD Student Poster Prize recognizes poster presentations submitted to PSTD at the annual AVS International Symposium. The winning poster presentation is characterized by the presenter’s excellence in research, clarity of the delivery, and depth of knowledge, in response to the examination of the judges.

Eligibility and how to apply
The PSTD Student Poster Prize is given to a student presenter whose poster is accepted by the PSTD division at the annual AVS International Symposium. Candidates for the award must be a registered graduate or undergraduate student in an accredited academic institution at the time of the presentation, a member of the AVS and the PSTD, and first author on the poster presentation. The finalists of PSTD’s Coburn and Winters Award are not eligible for the poster award. All accepted student poster presenters who meet these criteria will be automatically entered into this competition.

Selection process
The Poster Prize winner(s) will be selected by a group of judges appointed by the PSTD Executive Committee and based on the following criteria:
  • Scientific merit and originality
  • Quality of the poster content
  • Clarity and engagement of the presentation
  • Response to questions and depth of knowledge

Winner announcement and award ceremony
The winner(s) of the PSTD Student Poster Prize will be announced during the PSTD Annual Business Meeting at the AVS International Symposium, or at a time determined by the Executive Committee. The award certificate will be presented to the recipient.

List of Recipients 

2018 Annaëlle Demaude and Antoine Remy
2019 Spencer Roberts
2022 Erik Cheng
2023 Omar Alsaeed
2023 Louis Hoffenberg