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Nanoscale Science and Technology Division Graduate Competition

Receive a student registration waiver for the conference!!!

As nanoscience has continued to expand its impact in diverse fields, including quantum science, biology, mechanics, and energy, the Nanoscale Science and Technology Division (NSTD) has been a hub of research broadly related to instrumentation, lithography, manipulation, imaging, and translation to industry. The NSTD holds a Graduate Competition at the annual AVS International Symposium to highlight and celebrate exceptional researchers working on the frontiers of nanoscience. All graduate students presenting a poster or oral presentation in an NSTD-sponsored or co-sponsored session are encouraged to apply.

To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, advisor support letter, and AVS abstract to the awards submission site by the deadline date of May 13, 2024.

For eligibility, the applicant must not have received a doctoral degree at the time of abstract submission.

All finalists will receive a student registration waiver for the conference!!!

The NSTD Awards Committee will select all finalists, and they will be informed in September 2024. All finalists must present a five-minute talk (with additional time for questions) at the NSTD Sunday plenary session for the awards competition. The winner will be selected based on the quality of the talk, the responses to subsequent questions, and the level of the research. The graduate award winner will receive a certificate and a cash award of $500. This award is made possible by financial support from NSTD's sponsors, 2023 were Quantum Design, Attocube, Heidelberg Instruments, RHK Technology, SPECS-TII.
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Graduate Student Competition Winners
2002 Jeremy Steinshinder 2009 Mehmet Baykara 2017 Xiaolong Liu
2003 Cheol-Soo Young 2010 Farzad Behafarid 2018 Omur Erdinc Dagdeviren
2004 Qinguang Li 2011 Justice Alaboson 2019 Jeremy Schultz
2005 Kiu-Yuen Tse 2012 David Reid 2020 Lin Wang
2006 Tracie Colburn 2013 Cedric Barroo 2021 Likun Wang
2006 Dirk Weber 2014 Deep Jariwala 2022 Kiyoung Jo
2007 Jacob Palmer 2015 Wei Bao 2023 Lidia Kuo-Kim
2008 Qing Hua 2016 Alma Eva Pérez Perrino