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Applied Surface Science

The Applied Surface Science Division welcomes you or your student(s) to apply for this year’s Student Awards Competition. For the competition, the top finalists will be selected from this year’s applicants and each will present a 3 slide, 5 minute talk summarizing their research. The finalists will be competing for three monetary prizes totaling $1500 as well as reimbursement for the 2024 Symposium for the 1st place winner! In addition to these incentives, the competition is also a great way to interact with the ASSD and get to know some of its members, regardless of whether you are participating in the student awards competition.
Students wishing to participate in the competition should complete the application on the awards submission site and submit a copy of the abstract and current CV by May 13, 2024. For more information and to find the application please visit our website. If you have any questions or concerns during the application process, please reach out to the ASSD Student Awards Chair at

Awards Application

Past Winners (1st Place):

1987   Leticia Quinones 1988   Gregory Stauf 1989   Mathew G. Blain
1990   Jerry L. Hunter, Jr 1991   Mary Elizabeth Napier 1992   Gerald Magera
1993   Lee Rumaner 1994   Peiter Gunter 1995   Camille Kassis
1996   Sudipta Seal 1997   Jim Zhao 1998   Mark D. Mowery
1999   Chris Moffitt 2000   Berndt Gotsmann 2001   Saravanapriyan Sriraman
2002   Yuki Yoshida 2003   Mingyao Zhu 2004   Xin Zhao
2005   Chi-Ying Lee 2006   Hiral Ajmera 2007   Sirnegeda Techane
2008   Joseph Baio 2009   Michelle Sestak 2010   Daniel Schmidt
2011   Stefan Schöche 2012   William Roach 2013   Tevis Jacobs
2014   Eng Wen Ong 2015   Alex Pearse 2016   Gopalakrishnan Ramalingam
2017   Jin Li 2018   Maiglid Moreno 2019   Jodi Grzeskowiak
2020   William Blades 2021   Sarah Zaccarine 2022   Robert Chrostowski