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Thin Film Division Distinguished Technologist Award

The Thin Film Division is pleased to solicit nominations for a new award, the Distinguished Technologist Award. 
The Award serves to recognize individuals who have provided exceptional technical support of thin film research or related development activities.  We are all indebted to the support provided at some point in our careers by outstanding technologists or technicians, and this award is meant to recognize the importance of that role in thin film research and development.


There is no requirement that a nominee be an AVS member, however membership and/or an active role in the society at the national or local level is advantageous.  The nominee must have provided outstanding technical support to a laboratory research or development program in an area of interest to the Thin Film Division, as evidenced by a nomination letter, and a letter of support.  It is expected that the nomination come from an active AVS member.

Nature of the Award

The award includes a plaque, a $500 cash award, and up to $500 in travel expenses to the AVS International Symposium.  These will be presented to the awardee at the annual AVS Symposium & Exhibition by the Thin Film Division. The winner does not have to be present to receive the award but is encouraged to attend. The Distinguished Technologist Award will be granted to a maximum of one person per year. 

Establishment and Support

This award was created in 2015 by the New Mexico Chapter of AVS to honor its founders and their many contributions.  The New Mexico Chapter of AVS provided the endowment for this Award.

Nomination and Selection Procedure

Required application materials include 1) a nominating letter and one letter of support, and 2) a brief biography and CV of the nominee.  Application materials will be reviewed and the award winner chosen by the TFD Awards Committee.  Application materials should be sent by email to Devika Choudhury, by July 22, 2024​.

List of Recipients

2023 Phillip Apodaca, Sandia National Laboratory
2022   Christian van Helvoirt, Eindhoven University of Technology
2021 Daniel Rosenmann, Argonne National Laboratory
2020     Major Monochie, Sandia National Laboratory
2019     Josh Whaley, Sandia National Laboratories
2018     Chris Tasker, Oregon State University
2017     Janneke Zeebregts, Eindhoven University of Technology
2016     Michael Lopez, Sandia National Labs
2015     Catherine Sobczak, Sandia National Labs