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AVS Recognition for Excellence in Mentorship


The AVS seeks to recognize individuals (from all scientific backgrounds, including but not limited to; academics, technicians, industrial researchers, etc.) who not only excel in science and/or engineering, but who also, through mentoring, have enhanced the careers of future generations who might not otherwise have considered or had access to opportunities in science, engineering, and technology. Their mentoring and leadership in the effort to develop fully the world's human resources is critical to the best scientific and engineering progress. Recipients of this honor will have their profile displayed on the AVS website, featured in the AVS newsletter and will receive a certificate of recognition. It is anticipated that such recognitions will be made periodically throughout the year. 

Eligibility & Nominations

Nominations from AVS members, including self-nominations, for this honor are welcome and should include the following items: (1) Nominator's Name, Affiliation, E-mail, (2) Nominee's Name, Affiliation, E-mail, website/s, (3) a high-resolution photograph of the nominee in a science/engineering setting, (4) a short paragraph describing the nominee's scientific/engineering accomplishments in an area relevant to the AVS, (5) an additional paragraph describing their outstanding mentoring and effective guidance to a significant number of persons who might not otherwise have considered or had access to opportunities in science, engineering and technology (including persons with disabilities, women and minorities) and who are students at the K-12, undergraduate, or graduate education level, or early career scientists or engineers who have recently completed their degrees (this includes post-doctoral fellows, assistant professors and individuals in the private sector), (6) a short biography of the nominee and (7) a brief letter detailing the said mentorship from someone who has directly benefitted from the nominees mentoring. The nominee does not need to be an AVS member. Nomination packages should be sent to Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered for up to one year from the date of receipt. In most cases, only acknowledgement of the receipt of nominations will be made. Additional information or supporting material and letters for the top candidates may be requested.

Nomination Deadlines

Nominations will be accepted three times a year. The deadlines are February 1st, June 1st and October 1st of each year.


Year Nomination Biography Interview Media Release
2020 Suntharampillai “Theva” Thevuthasan Interview  
2018 Michael Khbeis    
2017 Bruce Smith    
2017 Susan Trolier-McKinstry    
2017 Arnold Burger Interview  
2016 Mauro Sardela Jr. Interview  
2015 Federico Rosei Interview Media Release
2015 Stephan Burdin Interview  
2015 Vincent Smentkowski Interview  
2014 Christine Ortiz    
2014 Alex Demkov Interview Media Release
2014 Lynnette Madsen Interview  
2013 Michelle Manuel Interview  
2013 Liesl Folks Interview Media Release
2013 Nava Setter Interview  
2012 Joseph A. Gardella, Jr. Interview