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Director (2020-2021)

Mariadriana Creatore

Eindhoven University of Technology
Den Dolech 2, Eindhoven Noord-Brabant
5600 MB, The Netherlands
Tel: 31-40-247-4223
E-mail: mariadriana_creatore @ avs.org

MARIADRIANA CREATORE is a Professor of Applied Physics at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. The objective of her research is to investigate the interaction of plasmas and reactive gases with the surface (of substrates and films) during atomic layer deposition (ALD). Insights into the reactions occurring at the surface, into film growth mechanisms and into the impact of plasma ion energy on film properties are achieved by state-of-the art, in situ and real time diagnostics. She applies these fundamental studies to one of the grand challenges, which our society faces: energy. Specifically, she investigates atomic scale processed interfaces, key to promotion of selective charge carrier transport in energy devices, such as hybrid perovskite solar cells, novel electro-catalysts and Li-ion solid-state batteries. One of her recent achievements is the advancement in the level of control in ALD growth when processing on chemically challenging substrates, such as hybrid perovskite thin films, by gaining insights into the surface reactions and thin film growth mechanisms. Mariadriana takes care of the integration of atomically grown thin films in devices by means of mutually empowering partnerships with industry and (inter-)national academia. These collaborations are measured not only in terms of a rich scientific output and boost in innovation, but also in coaching of talented researchers and R&D professionals for their future careers.

Mariadriana joined AVS in 2002 as post-doctoral researcher and she is AVS Fellow (2017) for her “innovative research in the field of plasma-assisted thin film deposition, most prominently in advanced interface engineering and understanding of the role of nano-porosity of thin films”. She has undertaken a range of roles in the AVS Symposium scientific program, including: AVS 66 Program Chair in Columbus, OH; AVS 65 vice Program Chair in Long Beach, CA; AVS 63 Thin Film Division Program Chair; AVS 58-60 Champion of the Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Focus Topic. Moreover, she has served as Executive Committee Member and Division Chair for the Thin Film Division.