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Texas - Meetings

2021 AVS Texas Chapter Webinar/Meeting (Virtual/Online)

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021 | 3 pm to 4:30 pm CST
You are invited to join us for the AVS Texas Chapter Webinar/Meeting.  Our featured speaker will be Dr. Alex Ignatiev with a presentation on "The Vacuum of Space."

It is well known that deep space is a vacuum.  This fact has required that all things going to space be protected from that vacuum environment.  However, the vacuum of space can be one of the major benefits of space, and not an impediment.  The concept of utilizing the vacuum of space was first proposed and demonstrated with the Wake Shield Program that flew on three Space Shuttle flights in the late 1990’s and demonstrated high-quality semiconductor fabrication.  That flight program and its space-vacuum technology development was before its time; however, Wake Shield is now the foundation for utilizing the vacuum of space for a variety of space technologies.  Current space vacuum efforts go beyond the semiconductor thin films fabricated on Wake Shield, and include deposition of reflective coatings, thermal coatings, absorptive coatings, and other coatings for specific applications.  However, the benefits of the vacuum of space go far beyond just coatings as more sophisticated thin-film technologies such as the fabrication of thin-film solar cells for space power can be implemented in space.  An ideal place for space power development is the surface of the Moon as not only does the Moon have an ultra-high vacuum environment and is a stable platform on which to operate, but it also has the resources needed to fabricate solar cells and presents a unique setting that requires significant power for future strategic interests, settlement needs, and industrial development.  Extraction of raw materials on the Moon, the use of those materials for solar cell and other device fabrication, and the goals of commercial supremacy on the Moon will be discussed.

Please contact Wiley Kirk for more information and Zoom details.