The technical structure of AVS is organized as a matrix. Members can participate in one or more Divisions or Technical Groups, each of which is focused around a major topical area. Members may also participate in Chapters and Student Chapters, which are regional organizations that focus on local area needs.

Michigan - Officers/Contacts


Yue Qi
E-mail: yue_qi @

Pilar Herrera-Fierro
E-mail: pilar_herrera-fierro @

Treasurer (Acting)
Pilar Herrera-Fierro
E-mail: pilar_herrera-fierro @

Executive Committee Members

Terry Bigioni
University of Toledo
E-mail: Terry.Bigioni @

Galen B. Fisher
Materials Science
Univ. of Michigan
E-mail: galen_fisher @

Daniel Georgiev
ECE-University of Toledo
E-mail: daniel.georgiev @

Sanjay Khare
Univ. of Toledo
E-mail: khare @

Jamie Phillips
Univ. of Michigan
E-mail: jphilli @

Hiroko Ohtani
Ford Motor Co.
E-mail: hohtani @