Call for Abstracts - Greetings

On behalf of everyone at AVS, we invite you to submit an abstract to the AVS 65th International Symposium and Exhibition, which will be held October 21st – October 26th, 2018 in Long Beach, California.  The AVS Symposium is one of the premier forums for the presentation and discussion of the science and technology of materials, interfaces, and processing.
The theme of this year's Symposium is “Materials, Interfaces and Process Technology for the IoT Era” based on the predicted explosion of IoT devices in the coming years and promises to be more exciting and forward-looking than ever.   One of the key ingredients which will lead to the advancement of IoT technology will be the novel ‘IoT device’ which provides sense and compute processing at the edge, with communication to a central cloud infrastructure.  As such, advances in materials, interface engineering, and process technology for each element of the IoT platform that will be essential to enable the scaling of IoT devices and the adoption of low cost future IoT technology will be highlighted.  

A sampling of sessions that encompass this theme include

  • ALD for energy conversion, storage and electrochemical processes
  • Integration of thin films and nanostructures for sensing and energy harvesting
  • Thin film flexible electronics – materials, processes and device patterning
  • Vacuum System Automation and Control
  • Control and feedback for automation
  • Beyond Traditional Surface Analysis
  • Industrial and practical applications of surface analysis
  • Applied surface analysis of novel, complex or challenging materials
  • Profiling, Imaging and other multidimensional pursuits
  • New Challenges and Opportunities in Surface Engineering
  • Organ Fabrication and Monitoring; BioImaging; DNA and Natural Algorithims;
  • Bioanalytics, Biosensors  and Diagnostics
  • Enabling IoT Era
  • Flexible Electronics
  • CMOS, Beyond the Roadmap and Over the Cliff 
  • Surface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio and Sensor Applications
  • Challenges of Sensor Manufacturing for the IoT
  • MEMS for IoT : Sensing, communication and Energy Scavenging
  • Solar/Energy Harvesting
  • Materials and Devices for the Information Society 
In addition, we shall feature programming on cutting edge topical areas. Focus Topics featured at this meeting include 2D Materials; Actinides and Rare Earths; Fundamental Discoveries in Heterogeneous Catalysis; Advanced Ion Microscopy; Novel Trends in Synchrotron and FEL-Based Analysis; Plasma Biology, Agriculture, and Environment; Spectroscopic Ellipsometry; and Tribology.  New Focus Topics including In-situ microscopy, spectroscopy and microfluidics; Processing and Characterization of Air-Liquid, Solid-Liquid and Air-Solid Interfaces;  Extending Additive Manufacturing to the Atomic Scale; Reconfigurable Materials and Devices for Neuromorphic Computing; Advanced Nanophotonics Metrology, Materials and Processes for Quantum Computing and featuring the Industrial Physics Forum. 
These topics will complement our traditional strong core on fundamental surface science and interfacial phenomena, applied surface science, surface engineering, micro- and nano-electronics, nanometer–scale science and technology, manufacturing science and technology, thin films, plasma science and technology, micro- and nano-electromechanical systems, electronic and photonic materials, biomaterials, and vacuum science and technology.
As you examine the Call for Abstracts, we are sure that you will find many sessions that interest you as well as Oral and Poster sessions that are the perfect fit to present your latest research. Poster presentations are a great way to promote your work and interact one-on-one with many scientists and engineers during an extended time. In addition, some Divisions plan to host Flash presentation sessions, in which poster presenters will each have 2-3 minutes to give an oral presentation summarizing their poster. Awards for posters and oral presentations given by students are also offered by many divisions and groups.
As well as the technical program, there will be an extensive equipment exhibition, and many networking and career advancement and recruitment events for those launching their careers as well as for established researchers. If you are new to the AVS community, we hope that you will find the symposium to be a place to develop new colleagues and friends with whom to share ideas for years to come.  We encourage you to participate in this year’s symposium by submitting an abstract before the deadline on Wednesday, May 2nd. 
We look forward to seeing you at AVS 65 in Long Beach!

Eric A. Joseph
2018 Program Chair
Mariadriana Creatore
2018 Program Vice-Chair

Eric A. Joseph

2018 Program Chair


Mariadriana Creatore

2018 Program Vice-Chair

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