Symposium Author/Manuscript Guide

Instructions for Preparing Posters 

Poster Sessions will be held in Hall B of the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA on Tuesday, October 23, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., and on Thursday, October 25, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. All the posters will be displayed during both poster sessions which are on Tuesday October 23 and Thursday, October 25. Presenters should be available next to (or near) their poster during the assigned time above.

Boards will be available for presenters to mount their posters at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Posters must be removed immediately following the Thursday evening session. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any posters left on the boards after the Thursday evening session.

Each poster presenter will be allotted space that is 4 feet wide by 4 feet high. Please make your poster no larger than 46 inches wide by 46 inches high to ensure it fits nicely into the allotted space. The boards are made from cork, and tacks will be available for posting your work.

A sign with your program number and presenter will be placed at the location where you are to display your work. When preparing your poster presentation, please include the title of your presentation, the author listing, and program number.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

CONTRIBUTED oral talks are 20 minutes in length, with nominally 16 minutes for your presentation and 4 minutes for questions.
INVITED talks are 40 minutes in length, with nominally 35 minutes for your presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Due to the many parallel sessions and the need for attendees to move between sessions, the Session Moderators will strictly adhere to the time schedule.

AVS will provide Windows laptop computers running Windows 10 Pro and MS Office 2013, screens, microphones, and projectors in all session rooms, as well as an HDMI connection from podium to projector. We encourage you to use the system and to test your presentation on our equipment in our Presenter's Preview Room 103B at the Long Beach Convention Center prior to your talk. Please allow ample time for this; preferably the day before you are scheduled to present - not immediately before your talk. If you are using the AVS-provided computer, please load your presentation on to this computer at least five minutes prior to the start of the session or during a session break. The Preview Room will be open on Sunday, for those of you with Sunday afternoon or Monday presentations. In deference to all our presenters, it is important that personal computer/projector compatibility issues be worked out well in advance of your presentation. Please note that PowerPoint is the recommended presentation software and the preferred format is 16:9, wide format screens. The projector is expected to be compatible with both PC's and MAC's; however, please bring any necessary adapters/dongles as well as a copy of your presentation on a flash drive as a back-up.

Journal of Vacuum Science Technology A&B

JVST publishes articles based on the talks at the AVS International Symposium.

  • You are encouraged to submit your articles/letters based on your talk at the AVS 65th International Symposium at any time. You can choose either JVST A, JVST B or Biointerphases depending on the topic.
  • Your article/letter will be peer reviewed rigorously as a regular submission and, if accepted, will be published quickly online. 
  • Your article/letter will have either an article or letter designation in online data bases such as ISI; it will NOT be designated as a proceedings paper.
  • There are no length limitations and your manuscript can be as long as it needs to be to convey your ideas and results in the most succinct way. 
  • There are no length limitations and your manuscript can be as long as it needs to be to convey your ideas and results in the most succinct way.
  • Please submit your JVST A & B articles at or and Biointerphases at
  • You can find easy to use templates and instructions for authors at:  and  
  • For your convenience an article template is available on the JVST A, JVST B and Biointerphases websites. 

JVST A, JVST B and Biointerphases have many new additions. The journal web pages utilize quick links and advanced search capabilities. Articles are fully citable as soon as published online.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at or the AVS Editor-in-Chief directly at The Editor and Publications Staff will be at the AVS Symposium, please stop by the Publications Booth in the Exhibit Hall during the Symposium to visit and chat with us.


Biointerphases is an interdisciplinary journal publishing articles on all aspects of quantitative soft matter interfaces: chemistry, physics, engineering, theory and modeling.

Topics covered include interface spectroscopy, in vivo and in vitro mechanisms, interface modeling, adhesion phenomena, protein-surface interactions, biomembranes on a chip, cell-surface interactions, biosensors/biodiagnostics, bio-surface modification, the nano-bio interface, biotribology/biorheology, molecular recognition, cell patterning for function, polyelectrolyte surfaces, and ambient diagnostic methods.
If you have any questions, such as whether your manuscript fits the scope of the journal, please do not hesitate to contact our office at or the Biointerphases Editor, Sally McArthur at Please stop by the Publications Booth in the Exhibit Hall during the Symposium.


AVS 65 Call for Research


AVS 65 Trip Report Template
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