NSTD - Nanoscience Equipment Vendors

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

Commercial vendors of AFM/STM Equipment

Asylum Research Multifunctional SPM for materials science, biology, and polymer studies
Bioforce Laboratories Specialized probes and supplies
Infinitesima Video-rate AFM
JPK Instruments SPM and NSOM for life sciences
MikroMasch Cantilevers and gratings
Nanofactory Instruments In-situ AFM/STM in electron microscopy
Nanosurf AG Modular SPM
Nanotec Electronics SPM controllers and microscopes
Nanotools GmbH High Density Carbon scanning probes for AFM
Novascan Technologies AFM and functionalized SPM probes
NT-MDT (Molecular Devices and Tools for NanoTechnology)  Multifunctional SPM platforms
Pacific Nanotechnology SPM tools
Park Systems AFM Technology
PSIA Laboratory and Industrial SPM
RHK Technology UHV STM and AFM, Universal controllers
Veeco (Digital Instruments, Park Scientific, and Thermomicroscopes) SPM for semiconductor characterization, biology, and polymer science
WITec GmbH NSOM and Confocal Raman Microscopes


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