BID - AVS Program

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

The BI program provides a forum for those interested in the field of biomaterial surfaces and interfaces in order to foster an improved understanding of the interactions of materials with biological media and systems, including their physico-chemical properties, their surface composition and modification, their in vitro and in vivo characterization, and their applications as implants, sensors, or templates for bio-inspired materials.  Also of interest is the application of advanced characterization and imaging methods to cells, tissues and biomaterials.

The Biomaterials Interface Division (BID) has a dynamic program planned for this year’s 2018 AVS meeting.  We are partnering with the American Institute of Physics for their Industrial Physics Forum (IPF) highlighting cutting edge research in bio related science.  The IPF will be hosting invited speaker sessions with leaders in the fields of bioimaging, bio and nano fabrication, and bioanalytics and biosensors.  The BID will hold complementary sessions on these topics along with other exciting research areas.
Also, this year we are hosting a 'Women in Bio-surface Science' session honoring the amazing contributions of women to the world of surface science.
Sessions include:
  • IPF1 + BI  Advanced Imaging and Structure Determination of Biomaterials
  • IPF2 + BI  Bioanalytics, Biosensors and Diagnostics
  • IPF3 + BI  Biofabrication: From Tissue to Organ
  • BI4 + AS + NS  Characterization of Biological and Biomaterial Surfaces
  • BI5  Biomolecules and Biophysics at Interfaces
  • BI6  Microbes and Fouling at Surfaces
  • BI7  Women in Bio-surface Science
  • BI8  Biolubrication and Wear 
We look forward to seeing you in Long Beach!