ASSD - Student Awards

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

The Applied Surface Science Division is is offering student awards and students who would like to compete for the awards need to submit an abstract for a poster or talk to one of the ASSD or ASSD co-sponsored sessions. Presentation during an AVS Symposium session is required for eligibility. Three finalists will be selected by the ASSD Student Award Committee. The three award finalists will present a “capsule” (3-slide, 5-minute) presentation to the judges during the Tuesday night ASSD Business Meeting. First, second, and third place prizes will be given with cash awards totaling up to $1,000.   The winner will be selected based upon presentation skills, scientific merit and originality of their work. The student that wins the best presentation award will additionally be reimbursed for meeting registration at the student rate for the following year's AVS meeting and ASSD will ask the award winner to submit an abstract to an ASSD or ASSD co-sponsored session. Students wishing to participate in the competition should complete the application on the awards submission site and submit an abstract by May 1, 2019.

2017 Winners:
1st Place:  Jin Li, Texas A&M University, USA
2nd Place: Pinar Aydogan Gokturk, Bilkent University, Turkey

2016 Winners:
1st Place:  Gopalakrishnan Ramalingam, University of Virginia
2nd Place: Blake Bluestein, University of Washington
3rd Place: Debalaya SarkerIndian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

2015 Winners:
1st Place:  Alex Pearse, University of Maryland
2nd Place: Cheng Hao Wu,  UC Berkeley
3rd Place: Yung-Chen Wang,  University of Washington

2014 Winners:
1st Place: Eng Wen, SUNY Albany
2nd Place: Pratibha Goel, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

2013 Winners:
1st Place: Tevis Jacobs, University of Pennsylvania
2nd Place: Matthias Meier, Université de Lorraine
3rd Place: Stephen Weeks, Colorado School of Mines

2012 Winners:
1st Prize: William Roach, College of William and Mary
2nd Prize: Tyler Kent, University of California San Diego

2011 Winners:
1st Prize: Stefan Schöche, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
2nd Prize: Robert Harl, Vanderbilt University.
3rd Prize: Eric Bucholz, University of Florida.

2010 Winners:
1st Prize: Daniel Schmidt, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.
2nd Prize: Saurabh Garg, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
3rd Prize: Michael Robinson, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

2009 Winners:
1st Prize: Michelle Sestak, The University of Toledo, OH.
2nd Prize: Magnus Jonsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.
3rd Prize: Navneethakrishnan Salivati, University of Texas at Austin, TX.

2008 Winners:
1st Prize: Joseph Baio, University of Washington
2nd Prize: Benjamin W. Schmidt, Vanderbilt University
3rd Prize: David Willingham, Pennsylvania State University

2007 Winners:
1st Prize: Sirnegeda Techane, University of Washington
2nd Prize: Benjamin W. Schmidt, Vanderbilt University
3rd Prize: David Wells, University at Buffalo

2006 Winners:
1st Prize: H.A. Ajmera, University of Florida
2nd Prize: S. Sarkar, University of Nebraska
3rd Prize: E.T. Bender, The University of Akron

2005 Winners:
C.-Y. Lee, University of Washington
S.E. Harton, North Carolina State University
S. Pylypenko, University of New Mexico:

2004 Winner:
Xin Zhao, College of William and Mary

2003 Winners:
Mingyao Zhu, College of William and Mary
Svetlana Pylypenko, University of New Mexico
Xin Zhao, College of William and Mary

2002 Winners:
Yuki Yoshida, Colorado School of Mines
Nimel Theodore, College of William and Mary
Laurie Broadwater, Kent State University

2001 Winners:
Saravanapriyan Sriraman, University of California, Santa Barbara
Erik Reimhult, Chalmers University of Technology
April Carmen, University of Nevada, Reno

2000 Winners:
Bernd Gotsmann, University of Muenster
Dietmar Stapel, University of Muenster
Louisan Tan, National University of Singapore

1999 Winners:
Chris Moffitt, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Torsen Stohr

1998 Winner:
Mark D. Mowery, University of Michigan

1997 Winner:
Jim Zhao, SUNY at Buffalo, NY

1996 Winner:
Sudipta Seal, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

1995 Winner:
Camille Kassis, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

1994 Winner:
Peiter Gunter, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

1993 Winner:
Lee Rumaner, University of Washington

1992 Winner:
Gerald Magera, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology

1991 Winner:
Mary Elizabeth Napier, Northwestern University

1990 Winner:
Jerry L. Hunter, Jr., North Carolina State University

1989 Winner:
Mathew G. Blain, Texas A&M University

1988 Winner:
Gregory Stauf, Syracuse University

1987 Winner:
Leticia Quinones, Texas A&M University