Western Pennsylvania Chapter AVS

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

The Western PA region has vibrant interest in vacuum technology, and the local AVS chapter is invested in helping high technology progress in our area. We sponsor dinner / poster sessions with prizes, high school student and teacher prizes, and short courses for professionals in the industry. Please contact us to get involved with other interested local members. Please also let us know if you would be interested in a short course on a vacuum-related topic.
Pittsburgh's immediate region houses two campuses (Pitt and CMU) with nanotechnology fabrication and analysis centers.
State College houses the Penn State main campus with a very strong material science and vacuum component, to the north of Pittsburgh. 
To the south of Pittsburgh are Washington & Jefferson College's school of Physics and the main campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, again with strong interests in the physics and engineering aspects of vacuum deposition, plasmas, and nano and micro devices. 
We have many surrounding vacuum-related industries; a sampling of our recent contact list includes: 
  • Vacuum Research Corporation (valves, sensors)
  • Angstrom Sciences, Inc (sputter cathodes etc)
  • Myers (sensors, systems)
  • Kurt J. Lesker Co (specialty chambers, systems, sensors, components, pumps)
  • Leybold Oerlikon (pumps, sensors, chambers)
  • E. A. Fischione (electron microscope prep systems, ion millers)
  • Powerex (high power semiconductors), Ametek (QMS and other systems)
  • Aerotech (nanopositioners)
  • Electrogrip (vacuum process systems, electrostatic chucks, and power supplies)
  • Matrix PDM (large vacuum systems)
  • Solar Atmospheres (vacuum treatment of large metalwork)
  • Alcoa (metal treatment)
  • Ebner Furnaces
  • MWI Inc (CVD)
  • SGL Carbon (CVD)
  • Kennametal (CVD)
Please let us know of other names that we should include. 
You can email us through the national AVS; or to the local W. PA chapter Chair Joe DeMaio, at joe_demaio@avs.org.