Mid-Atlantic Chapter - Officers/Contacts

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing


Jacob Ricker
Phone: 301- 975-4475
E-mail:  jacob_ricker @ avs.org

Sujitra Pookpanratana
E-mail:  sujitra_pookpanratana @ avs.org

Doug Baker
Phone:  937-344-1167
E-mail: doug_baker @ avs.org

Terrence Jach, Ph.D
Phone: 301-975-2362
E-mail:  terrence_jach @ avs.org

Executive Committee

Past Chair
John M. Lannon Jr., Ph.D.
Phone: 919-248-1872
E-mail: john_lannon @ avs.org

Member at Large
Phil Adderley, Ph.D
Phone:  757-269-7200
E-mail:  philip_adderley @ avs.org

Member at Large
Jay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Ph: 301-975-4836
E-mail: jay_hendricks @ avs.org

Member at Large
Jennifer Hite, Ph.D.
Phone: 202-404-8712 
E-mail: jennifer_hite @ avs.org

Member at Large
Christopher Oldham, Ph.D.
Phone: 919-515-7189
E-mail: christopher_oldham @ avs.org

Member at Large
Marcy Stutzman, Ph.D
Phone:  757-269-7073
E-mail:  marcy_stutzman @ avs.org