Hudson Mohawk Chapter - Award Winners

Advancing the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing



  • Fall: Matthew Strohmayer – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Oral Presentation Award
    Development of Focused Electrohydrodynamic Printing Technology
  • Fall: Peijiao Fang – Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award
    Epitaxial Growth of WC1-x(001) Thin Films
  • Fall: Benjamin Harrington – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation Award
    Modeling of Erbium Emission in Novel Silicon Carbide Photonic Crystal Nanostructures
  • Spring: Baiwei Wang – RPI – Best Graduate Student Poster 1st Place
    Growth and Properties of Epitaxial Ti1−xMgxN(001) Layers
  • Spring: Mounika Kotha – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Best Graduate Student Poster 2nd Place
    Effect of Oxidation on the Raman and Photoluminescence Properties of Unpassivated and Novel-Passivated Layered GaTe
  • Spring: Siddarth Laveti – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Best Undergraduate Student Poster
    Optimization of the Growth of Graphene on Cu Foil Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition



  • Fall: Karsten Beckmann – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Oral Presentation Award
    Towards Synaptic Behavior of Nanoscale ReRAM Devices for Neuromorphic Computing Applications
  • Fall: Maseeh Mukhtar – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Graduate Student Poster Presentation Award
    Simulations of Backscattered Electrons to Measure Sensitivity Versus Electron Dosage of Buried Semiconductor Features
  • Fall: Elizabeth Blackert – Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas - Undergraduate Student Poster Presentation Award
    Highly Porous Scaffolds on TNZT Alloy for Bone Implant Applications
  • Spring: Zahiruddin Alamgir – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute – Best Student Talk
    Pulse Width Modulation To Achieve Multi-Level Resistance With TaO2 Based Rram Using Hf as Oxygen Exchange Layer
  • Spring: Casey Biederman – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Best Undergraduate Poster
    Optimization of Annealing Parameters for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Nanowire Fabrication
  • Spring: Mark Altwerger – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Best Graduate Student Poster
    Near Infrared Reflectors as Smart-Glass for Solar Panels and Buildings



  • Spring: Teresa A. Esposito – RPI – Poster 1st Place
    Electron Transport and Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy of 1,8-Octanedithiol in a Molecular Junction
  • Spring: Tyler R. Mowll – CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Poster 2nd Place
    Growth of Graphene on Cu Single Crystal Substrates
  • Applied Surface Analysis Symposium (Surface Analysis 2016): Thomas Cardinal - RPI - Talk
    Enhanced Electrical Transport at Metallized Bismuth Telluride Interfaces via Organosilane Monolayer Functionalization
  • Applied Surface Analysis Symposium (Surface Analysis 2016): Jesse Claypoole-CNSE-Poster
    Surface and Depth Profile Characterization of Cuin1-Xgaxse2 Thin Film Absorber Layer for Photovoltaic Applications
  • Fall: Natasha Tabassum – CNSE – Talk
    Realization of Self-Aligned Erbium-Doped Silicon-Carbide Nanowires towards Quantum Technologies
  • Fall: M. Jeremy Amdur – RPI – undergraduate Talk
    Applications of Thin Film Molecular Assemblies As Electrochromic Devices
  • Fall: Louis Ayensu-Mensah – RPI – Poster
    Investigation of Energy Transfer in Perylene Diimide Based Multilayer Light Harvesting Arrays


  • Fall:  Qianqian Liu, State University of New York, Binghamton, -Talk
    An STM Investigation of the Reaction of Hydrogen with Chemisorbed Oxygen on Cu(110)
  • Fall:  Yun-Bo Yang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, - Poster
    One Step Growth Method for Ultrathin Single Crystal SnS2 Flakes and their Physical Properties
  • Fall:  Breena M. Sperry, CNSE - Polytechnic Institute of Technology, - Poster
    Nanostructured Catalyst of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
  • Spring:  Mark T. Durniak, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, – Talk
     Cubic GaInN on Si(001) for Longer Wavelength LEDs
  • Spring: Brian T. McGowan, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, – Poster
    Negative Magnetoresistance and Electrically Detected Zero Field Splitting in a Low-K Dielectric


  • Spring:  P.Y. Zheng, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Talk
    Ni Doping on Cu Surfaces:  Reduced Copper Resistivity
  • Spring: Eng Wen Ong, SUNY College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering – Poster
    Influence of Chemisorbed Oxygen on the Growth of Graphene on Cu(100) by Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Fall:  Robin Jacobs-Gedrim, SUNY College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering – Talk
    Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Chalcogenide Nanostructures
  • Fall:  J. K. Dash, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Poster
    Metal Enhanced Ge1-xSnx Alloy Film Growth on Glass Substrates using a Biaxial CaF2 Buffer Layer



  • Spring: Swatilekha Saha, RPI - Talk
    Transport through Zn Porphyrin for Application in Nanoelectronic Devices
  • Spring: Manasa Medikonda, SUNY Albany - Poster
    X-Ray Characterization of Ge1-xSnx Alloys and the Effect of Sn Concentration on the Band Gap
  • Fall: Ruopeng Deng (Graduate Student), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Talk
     Novel Al1-xScxN Alloy: a Study on Structure and Bandgap
  • Fall: Grant Boruchowitz (Undergraduate Student), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Talk
    Temperature Dependent Resistivity of Copper Thin Films
  • Fall: Luis Estevez (Graduate Student), Cornell University - Poster 
    A Facile Approach for the Synthesis of Monolithic Hierarchical Porous Carbons
  • Fall: Benjamin Grisafe (Undergraduate Student), College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering - Poster
    Measurement of the Enhanced Transfer Curves of Graphene FET Devices


  • Spring: Parul Tyagi, SUNY, Albany - Talk Characterization of Few Layer Graphene Films Grown on Cu, Cu--‐Ni and SiC Substrates
  • Spring: Alexandra Krawicz, RPI - Poster Porphyrin--‐Based Molecular Multilayer Thin--‐Film Assembled On Gold Electrodes For Electro--‐Optical Applications
  • Fall: Florence Nelson, SUNY, Albany - Talk Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Abberation-Corrected STEM for the Optical and Structural Characterization of Graphene
  • Fall: Akitomo Matsubayashi, SUNY, Albany - Poster Oxide Growth on CVD Graphene for Efficient Spin Injection


  • Fall: Rutvik J. Mehta, RPI - Talk Microwave-Solvothermal Synthesis for Rapid and Scalable Production of Tunably Doped Nanocrystals and their Assemblies
  • Fall: Indira Seshadri, RPI - Poster Nanoferrofluid-Based Thermal Valves for Gating Heat Transport


  • Spring: Gorun Butail, RPI - Talk Voltage Controlled Branching of Titania Nanotubes and Its Application for Photovoltaics
  • Spring: C. Gaire, RPI - Poster Quasi-Single Crystal Germanium Films on Biaxially Textured CaF2/Glass Substrates
  • Fall: P. Palmoaki, RPI - Talk Making Molecular Multilayers Using “Click” Chemistry: Growth and Thin Film Characterization
  • Fall: Ben Backes, CNSE - Poster Modeling the Impact of Copper Plasticity on Thermomechanical Stress Induced By Through-Silicon VIAS (TSVS)


  • Summer: Eric Bersch, CNSE - Talk X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Characterization of HfO2 and Hafnium Silicate Films on SiO2/Si
  •  Fall: Saurabh Garg, RPI - Talk Toughening Copper-Silica Interfaces Using Molecular Nanolayers