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Vacuum Technology Division Student Poster Competition

Vacuum Technology Division Student Poster Competition – Known as the “Student-Built Vacuum System Competition (alias - Junkyard Wars of Vacuum Technology)," this is a competition for student posters that describe the design, development, and/or use of “student-built vacuum systems.” Although these types of vacuum systems may not represent state-of-the-art technology, they often reflect ingenious designs that are guided by unique functionality, and/or are constrained by limited resources. Competitive submissions are expected to reveal inspired and/or cost-effective solutions to real-world issues encountered in typical vacuum system designs. The competition is open to any student who has built a vacuum system for any research purpose. The resulting research project, whether complete or not, should be presented along with the vacuum challenges that have been undertaken. The posters will be judged during the poster session and cash prizes of up to $500 will be awarded to the winners of the competition. The application deadline for entering the competition is the same as the abstract deadline which is May 1, 2019. Students desiring to enter the competition should submit the poster abstract and application directly in the awards submission site and submit the abstract to the VTD poster abstracts call.  Inquiry may be directed to the VTD Student Award Coordinator, Dr. James Fedchak (james.fedchak@nist.gov).

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