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Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology Division Graduate Competition

The Nanometer-Scale Science and Technology Division Graduate Competition brings recognition to outstanding research by graduate students giving oral or poster presentations in NSTD sessions at AVS international symposia. Applications can be submitted by: 1) going to the awards submission site and selecting the appropriate box,  2) uploading a cover letter, resume, advisor support letter and your AVS abstract by May 2, 2018. The abstract must be submitted to an NSTD sponsored or co-sponsored session, and at least one of the co-authors on the abstract must be an AVS member at the time of submission; the AVS member co-author(s) and the symposium session should be mentioned in the cover letter.
All finalists will be selected by the NSTD Awards Committee, and they will be informed by Sept. 2, 2018. All finalists must present a five minute talk (with additional time for questions) at the NSTD Awards Competition, which is tentatively planned for noon on Wednesday of the symposium week. The winner will be selected based on the quality of the talk, the responses to subsequent questions, and the level of the research. The graduate award winner will receive a certificate and a cash award of $500. This award is made possible by financial support from NSTD's sponsors, who in 2017 were Heidelberg Instruments, Oxford Instruments Asylum  Research, and RHK Technology.
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Graduate Student Award Winners

2002 Jeremy Steinshinder 2007 Jacob Palmer 2013 Cedric Barroo
2003 Cheol-Soo Yang 2008 Qing Hua 2014 Deep Jariwala
2004 Qiguang Li 2009 Mehmet Baykara 2015 Wei Bao
2005 Kiu-Yuen Tse 2010 Farzad Behafarid 2016 Alma Eva PĂ©rez Perrino
2006 Tracie Colburn 2011 Justice Alaboson 2017 Xiaolong Liu
2006 Dirk Weber 2012 David Reid