Roster | Charles R. "Chip" Eddy, Jr.

Charles R. "Chip" Eddy, Jr.

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory 
4555 Overlook Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20375
Tel.: 202-767-3672
E-mail: chip_eddy @
CHARLES R. "CHIP" EDDY, JR. is a Materials Engineer and Head of the Power Electronic Materials Section at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.  He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Boston University and his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.  Before his current position he was on the faculty at Boston University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and served as an electrical engineer at NRL. Chip’s interests are focused on the basic research and development of wide bandgap semiconductors and related materials essential to the development of advance power switching device technologies that promise improved energy efficiency and reliability in future power conversion and distribution systems.  In support of these interests he has conducted materials synthesis research efforts using a variety of growth methods from molecular beam epitaxy to metalorganic chemical vapor deposition to atomic layer deposition/epitaxy and has participated in the characterization and processing of such materials for their application in power, rf and optoelectronic devices.  Chip is the author or co-author of over 325 archival journal publications, 2 book chapters, has been awarded fifteen patents, and has presented over 525 (> 100 invited) papers at international scientific meetings.  Chip is a Senior Member of IEEE and a member of AVS and Sigma Xi.  He has received multiple publication awards for his work.  Chip has been an active volunteer in the AVS for well over a decade serving as Director (2013-2014), General Program Chair of the 59th International AVS Symposium, Vice-Chair of the 55th and 58th International AVS Symposia, Chair of the Symposia & Conferences and Topical Conferences Committees (2013-present), Chair of the AVS Professional Leadership Committee (2010-2012), Chair of the Electronic Materials & Processing Division Executive and Program Committees, and as an Associate Editor of JVST B (2003-2005).